Monday, 26 October 2009

Review: Mrs Macgregor Seeded Wholemeal Loaf

Thanks to the pimping by FBB, at least I know it's safe to grab a loaf of Mrs Macgregor bread off the shelf without wondering if they're good or not. Ahhhh I love product reviews... at least I can purchase tanpa was-was LOL.

Mrs Macgregor Seeded Wholemeal Loaf (RM7)

I got this Mrs Macgregor Seeded Wholemeal Loaf (RM7) from Village Grocer. While I was deciding which type of bread to get, a lady with a waistpouch was busy checking them out too. She gave me a smile and I smiled back. After grabbing my loaf, I looked back as I walked away, and saw her checking and arranging the Mrs Macgregor breads. Ahhhh hmmm perhaps that's Mrs Macgregor herself?

Mrs Macgregor Seeded Wholemeal

Back to the loaf, I'm a sucker for bread... especially these lovely healthy ones. Unlike FBB and Capt'n Hook who will slather thick salted butter on them, I like varieties... jam, lemon curd, peanut butter, nutella, marmite/bovril and yes, the list can go on and on but for this Seeded Wholemeal Loaf, I first tried with butter. I tell ya, I was on glorious shangrila. The bread even though it's of wholemeal type but the texture is pillowy soft.

I had 4 slices for breakie that morning LOL. The next day, I had them with peanut butter... oooo needless to say, it was good too. I can't stop myself from having more than my fair share of slices hahaha. The only bad thing was sighhh... why lah I have to stay so far away from Bangsar?? *sobs*

You can get Mrs Macgregor breads at Village Grocer at Bangsar Village or Rocky Coffee Shop at Jalan Telawi 5 or call Mrs Macgregor at 016-2389313.

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  1. wahlaueh, you people are very rich. I checked out the price of this loaf, and *gulp* bought Gardenia instead.

    Say hullo to hakka lau hook for me.

  2. yes i agree its expensive. I tried all her breads and liked them so far but got bored aft a while cos there ain't much variety ;p

  3. Once a bluemoon ok la. Eating roti doesn't mean it's poor nowadays! Poor means no ASTRO! my mobile. Let me get you a loaf and have some good English 'leong char' too!

  4. MMmmm.. Looks good - will try soon (altho it is a bit pricey)..

    Oh, the Adventist 7 grain bread isn't bad too! :)

  5. normally i would stick to Gardenia but of course I wouldn't mind to splurge RM7 for the loaf of bread once in a while.. if only I go to Bangsar

  6. extremely healthy but tasty! i love this sorta bread. after 7pm (i.e. after gym) we can buy this sorta bread at the HILTON hotel cafe for 50% off!)

  7. seriously, i dunno why i doesnt like to eat this kind of bread....geee....guess i dunno how to enjoy this kind of bread

  8. oye richard, lemme know who are you!!! LOL

    TNG, okie hehe so far tried one only

    J, i loved adventist 3 seeds bread :p

    leo, same for us, if only we're in Bangsar

    C&C, i get mine from Shang 50% off after 6pm :p

    vialentino, i guess you're used to plain white bread huh?

  9. Hello, I'm a new reader from KL and I love your food photos. I'm a Mrs McGregor convert! I started buying her wholemeal loaf 3 months ago and I've not touched Gardenia ever since, it actually feels like I'm eating bread and not biting into air! Her bread is usually heavier in weight, which means it's usually denser, it's got all the seeds and nuts goodies inside and I actually will feel full eating 2 pieces instead having to eat 4 pieces of Gardenia in order to feel anything! And you're right, the Chinese lady you saw stocking up the bread is Mrs McGregor. I had a chat with her once about how awesome her bread is and how she's managed to make me poorer. ;) Also try the raisin apricot bread, it's to die for when toasted and smeared with a little butter and jam. :)

  10. thanks for dropping by terksean. it's good to know there's someone who likes bread just like me. i usually get my bread from shang's lemon garden 2 go and i like adventist 3 grain bread as well

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  12. Hey you should try the new Vegemite. Its cheesy flavoured vegemite. Not sure of the name though coz they are such a brand new product. There's contest to name it, and one name was choose, i-snack. But people complaint of the name, so they change it to something new.

    At least this one I can eat unlike the normal vegemite.

  13. flower, i doubt we could get that vegemite here but i'm fine with marmite/bovril. the last time gardenia has this pearl barley bread, it was great toasted then slater with peanut butter and vegemite!

  14. babe, of course we can get vegemite here. nice hor the bread. but now my latest craze is adventist bread.

  15. i usually don't eat bread...but this seedy types i likey!


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