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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 19 March 2007

Tai Tong Dim Sum, Lebuh Cintra, Penang

**Non-Halal Post**

TT - Tai Tong Dim Sum

My only other food related post from Penang is this one... sounds lame or not? LOL... but seriously, someone from Penang did recommended this dim sum place in Lebuh Cintra. We didn't "looked" for it actually, we just found a parking spot near the Lebuh Campbell Pedestrian Mall area and walked around to look for a place for brunch before leaving Penang. In the midst of the many Chinese medicine halls and clothings wholesalers, Tai Tong Restoran stood out in the corner. Funnily that on the signboards, it's known as De Tai Tong Café but it's Tai Tong Restoran on it's name card. Must have been a change of name.

This dim sum restaurant is very old school... you can find ladies pushing carts up and down the aisle stopping at each table offering hot steamed dim sum from one cart; deep fried and baked goodies on another; and another cart offers dumplings (sui kow in Cantonese) and porridge or rice congee. These ladies were extremely friendly and patience... explaining and showing what they have in their carts at each table.

The selection Tai Tong have here is superb! There are many modern varieties on top of the usual har gau or siu mai. I really feel like ordering one of each haha... what to do, I'm a glutton, can or not? The uses metal steamer instead of bamboo ones which my mom commented that it's more hygienic. Oh yeahh... this shop is pretty clean, non-slippery floor and toilet is ok too.

Here are the usual siu mai, so generous... 4 medium sized pieces in one steamer. My boiboi ate loads of these. The shrimp in the har gau is crunchy and flavourful, best part is the skin which is thin and soft even after it got cold. Next steamer have 2 huge pieces of oyster dumpling.

TT - siu mai TT - har gau TT - oyster mai

Guys, check out the following dim sums... you tell me, creative or not??? The first one is Fish Maw Dumpling, basically some bouncy fish paste with shrimps topped with fish maw. Next we have a huge ball of fish paste placed on scallop shell and topped with fresh scallop. Nice but I can be biased since I like scallops... just a small piece of scallops though but nevertheless for the price that we've paid, I'm not complaining. Then we have this egg roll which have layers of egg omelette, seaweed, fish paste... yum yum!

TT - yue piew mai TT - scallop fishball TT - egg roll

We tried the char siu bao too (RM1 for one). The bao skin is fluffy filled with not so fat laden char siu pieces. Dad gave thumbs up. However, the egg tarts weren't that great even though the pastry is flaky. The custard is kinda sticky, even my boiboi didn't finish his half piece.

TT - char siu bao TT - egg tarts

Hmmm I can't seems to locate the pics of the chu cheung fun and loh mai kai... lost in cyber space of my phone! Both are ok lah... nothing special. We have loads of repeats of siu mai and har gau. Tar paued (packed) more too... and all in with a pot of Chinese tea, it costed us less than RM50!!! It's SOOO cheap... we realised that only after checking on the order card... wow... still have RM2.20 per steamer item!!!!

TT - cheap01 TT - cheap02

We headed back after our meal but it would be interesting if I have more time to explore the surroundings. Looks like this area have plenty of old school shops. Next time...

TT - addy

TT - map

Tai Tong Restoran
45 Lebuh Cintra
10100 Penang
Tel: 04-263 6625

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13 comments: said...

That's my fav. dim sum place, morning, noon and night. The best item is their sang meen and my all time fav. is the mussels.

jlshyang said...

omg!! That's my favourite dim sum corner as well. I miss it so much! Yay! I'm goin bck to Penang this weekend!

Babe_KL said...

ooo liliam & jlshyang, so i did bumped into a good dim sum place *punch fist in the air*

din know they serve noodles though.

sc said...

dim sum looks good and it's so cheap! seems popular, will try my best to look for this place (i hav no sense of direction when m in PG) when i'm in PG next month. thanks babe :)

Precious Pea said...

Wow...that's really cheap and nice. Lucky you. Sigh, wondering when my next trip to Penang will be...

Tummythoz said...

Aiyo, spoil market-lor. Shhh say quietly it's cheap. Loud-loud then they may up price soon! U parked upfront? Hope my next trip will be as lucky.

Tunku Halim said...

Dropped by to say "Hi!" Looks so yummy it just has to be halal!

TriStupe said...

i lost 2 kg after sunday run. Nw i got excuse to top it up back, only if i'm in penang now!

Babe_KL said...

sc, neither do we, just drove around and around hahaha cos you tend to wind up around the same place after a few false turning. just need to get your bearing right.

precious pea, plan one with hubby lor

opps hehe sorry tummythoz. no ler din managed to park up front, it's round the bend, in front of one handbag wholesaler.

tunku halim, thanks for dropping by. there are many places serving halal ones!

stupe, i thot u r training for ironman??? LOL

D said...

Oh man.. I remember those days, eons ago where my family would drive all the way to Penang (from Singapore). On one hand, I prefer to fly now because it's so much quicker but on the other, I still kind of miss these driving holidays haha.

Jin Hooi said... ur blog remind me about my last assignment to Penang. This is my favourate Dim Sum place !! My colleague and i walk to this restaurant almost every night for Dim Sum(luckly we were staying at Cititel, so not too far to walk). hmm..Yumm..

mh said...

last time there was about... 6 years ago I think, not sure is the food still good there. anyway, thanks reminding me this place!

Babe_KL said...

yup d, very fast to get to the food destination!

lao cha, no need to wait for next assignment, can always go again.

tekko, i find the food ok.