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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 2 March 2007

Review: Fatty Sang Restaurant

**Non-Halal Post**

My brother took my parents to this dai chau (stir-fry place located in a coffee shop) sometime back and my parents are hooked. The name on the signboard is Fatty Sang. In the day time, it's a normal coffee shop with a few stalls selling noodles. We love the claypot noodles here especially the dry yee meen.

The reasons my parents are hooked were: One - because of good food, Two - attentive and friendly service and Three - the lady boss is very good in recommending dishes and very accommodative, always give my parents the best price. Well, I supposed these are the best formula to win patrons over.

I've gone there many times but never got round to take any pics but I managed to do so on Wednesday, hence I'm going to a quickie post here today.

There are no fixed menu here and they recommend dishes based on what ingredients they have for the day plus the best thing here is every week they will have new dishes. We hardly get repeats haha... so I won't be able to recommend what are their specialities so just ask the lady boss ok.

What we have that day was Salmon Yue Sang (RM38) which is pretty good, got complimentary fish slices.

FS - salmon yue sang RM38 FS - closeup yue sang

Steamed Prompet in Soy Sauce... fresh and the soy sauce tasted superb.

FS - steamed prompet

Mom requested this after tasting it a few days back. It's basically steamed Japanese beancurd topped with minced meat. There is a hai par (crab meat style) gravy poured over the beancurds. One of the better hai par I've tasted in a long time with fresh crab meat and not starchy at all.

FS - tofu stuffed wid minced meat

Stir Fry Belacan Style Sweet Potatoes Shoots... lots of wok hei (breath of the wok) but a tad salty for us since we usually have bland food at home. Great with rice.

FS - farn shu miu

This was special for the day... not available all the time cos they need to marinate the pork ribs for long hours. I've tried many pork ribs in different style, so far, all have been tasty.

FS - pork ribs

Another new dish... basically boneless chicken meat arranged in between ham slices and black Chinese mushrooms with a hien (light starch gravy) over them accompanied by brocolli. Not too bad. Something different from a dai chau haha.

FS - chic, mushroom, ham FS - chic, mushroom, ham close up

Fatty Sang usually serves complimentary soup and dessert (either fresh fruits or agar-agar) for dinner. This round they gave us the whole cake of agar-agar as the lady boss said she made a lot that day, otherwise they'll serve cut pieces in a plate. I liked it this time cos its not too sweet and there are hints of pandan and gula melaka. According to lady boss, she uses the agar powder from Thailand which gave a better texture than those agar strips.

FS - complimentary agar2

Portions were for 6 adults and with 3 bowls of rice, it costed around RM160.00 only!!! Very reasonable plus they did not charge the tea since my dad brought his own tea leaves. The lady boss very cincai (easy going) one! Definitely a more scrumptious meal than on Sunday...

Fatty Sang is located across the road from Tai Thong Odeon, Kepong Baru. Opens for dinner only.

Fatty Sang Restaurant

FS - fatty sang


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boo_licious said...

I drove past this area that day, so much food esp around the market. Thxs for the recommendation, everything looks good. Yeah, I also use Thai agar agar powder, makes it nice and crunchy versus the softer ones you find at the bake shops or the strips.

GFAD said...

Still have yet to venture into Kepong for food, And based on your reviews, sounds like a great place for chinese food!

I did, however, try this hoh-chien from a lorry-stall manned by a husband and wife team by the roadside somewhere in Kepong. It was good, and the chili sauce was to die for! Don't think I know how to get there again as we were following someone else's car!

MeiyeN said...

babe, i know this place but never try before! it's good that you review this restaurant over here so that i know where to go next time ekekekekeke ;)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

The boneless chicken meat with ham slices sounds interesting. Hardly venture to Kepong, but this may be a good excuse for me to go there! Thanks for the recommendations!

Babe_KL said...

boo_licous, there are plenty of nice hawker food like hokkien char, porridge, stir fry seafood in the hawker square. after that can adjourn to KTZ for tong sui

kat, i've no idea where is this ho chien place, will ask around

LOL ;-) meiyen, likewise yah

lyrical lemongrass, there are plenty of makan places in kepong esp the new shoplots around jusco/carreour

Chen said...

RM160 for so many servings
Very reasonable price :)

Babe_KL said...

that's why lor my parents like to come here... plus the lady boss very cincai one

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Oh man..

I can't help but notice that the chicken meat with the ham dish is rather phallic looking? Weirder still that it looks delicious..

lol sorry. Pardon me :P. Love your posts as always. It never fails to make my stomach sing.

Tummythoz said...

Like lyrical lemongrass, it's time to brave the Kepong traffic. It is opened on weekends, right?

Babe_KL said...

LOL wombok!!!! Thanks for your kind words, so come back often.

tummythoz, the traffic aint as bad as in the city centre except the jinjang bit where there's digging going on.

TriStupe said...

funny how most of these rated restaurant has the word fatty on them.

isn't that an indication that we should stay away as eating there would make us, fat?


Precious Pea said...

The dishes very presentable, i would have tot it's from a big restaurant instead of a dai chau.

Babe_KL said...

stupe, this one was named after the fat chef hahaha... actually got another fatty dai chow near KTM Kepong station hahaha... good for us, a reminder not to stuff ourselves silly!

yalor precious pea, look at North Ocean presentation!

tankiasu said...

Wow the beancurd looks really yummy. Might wanna go there just to try that! :P