Thursday, 12 January 2006

Review: Goon Wah Restaurant

**Non-Halal Post**

One of my colleagues took us to this place called Goon Wah somewhere along Old Klang Road for lunch. I've very vague idea how to get there but I know it's just nearby Seri Setia school. It's located in a quiet row of shophouses. I managed to get the phone number, so maybe you can call and ask for the proper direction.

My colleague told me that this place served a very delicious Claypot Loh Shue Fun which he claimed better than Seng Kee in Chinatown. We gave him the liberty to order our lunch which consisted of the Claypot Loh Shue Fun (literally translated as rat tail noodle which is a type of rice noodle. In Singapore they are known as bee thai bak), Wart Tarn Hor (Cantonese for flat rice noodles in smooth egg gravy) and fried rice. I scanned around the packed shop and it seems like every table have standard order of fishhead bee hoon (rice vermicelli). When I enquired about it and my colleague said he didn't like their style of cooking. Darnnn... we should have ordered a small portion to try out but nevermind, there will always be a next time.

First to arrived on our table was the sizzling loh shue fun in a claypot. It's a dry version (unlike Seng Kee's which I think it's not fair to compare since they are of different cooking style), very much like dry fried loh shue fun but Goon Wah's one came in a claypot instead. It's not too oily and very very fragrant as in enough "wok hei" (heat of a wok). Have bits and pieces of minced meat, eggs, onions and beans sprouts in it. It was so tasty that four of us walloped the whole pot in a jiffy. We ordered a 2-pax portion which is not really enough since it was so tasty. Next time, I'm gonna have one all by myself!!!

goon wah loh shue fun

This is the close up look of the loh shue fun. Look delish or not??? I'm not sure about you but when I looked at this picture again... my mouth watered... heh :p

goon wah loh shue fun upclose

This was our 2-pax portion of Wart Tarn Hor which is essentially fried hor fun (also known as kuey teow or flat rice noodles) in hot oil with some soya sauce. Dished up and the gravy was cooked separately and thickened up with cornflour. This dish is so-so only, nothing outstanding. We were hankering for more loh shue fun actually but was afraid to order another portion as it may have been too much for us.

goon wah wat tarn hor

We waited for a very long time before our fried rice came. By then our maginal utility for food have dropped tremendously that I did not even bothered to take any picture of it. We quickly finished up the rice and thank goodness we ordered a one pax portion. Actually the fried rice was pretty good with the rice being fluffy and not overly dry and oily.

To round up our meal, four of us shared 2 bowls of ice kacang (some places known as ABC for Air Batu Campur - Malay for mixed shaved ice) after eyeing our neighbouring tables ordering it. This ice kacang did not have enough gula melaka syrup, hence it was not that flavourful. All these together with 4 glasses of leung char (Chinese herbal drink) costed RM6 for each of us... not too bad eh.

Whooops so this place is in Kuchai Lama and not really Old Klang Road... if you're really game, do call up and ask for the direction.

Goon Wah Restaurant
G13 Jalan 3/115C, KP2, Taman Kuchai Lama
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
Tel: 603-79820048/79840722


  1. Wah go all the way to my old haunt area for lunch ar?

    I know where that is.. and yup i like their claypot rat-tail noodle too hehe... The father of the owner used to run the "chap fan" stall in my secondary school canteen. Just beside the Sri Setia school you mentioned.

    BTW :p They cater too and we used them for the night before my wedding... alas, I didn't get to try the food that night haha

  2. haha... goon wah is my mum's fren! miss their food ;( since i'm in s'pore. great post!

  3. aiya, i live around that neighbourhood, but am not aware of such gem. thanks for sharing, will let my family members know!

  4. yalor cyrene but have to say their loh shue fun is really sedap!

    thanks sc for coming by. next time come back and eat there lor

    ya ka greenapple? must try then too when you're back

  5. Hi, I was sooo happy to come to your blog.. really nice n I love it... more place for me to explore! Hooray....

    Keep up the Good Work, my fren!!

  6. Thanks devilking for the compliments. Do come by again.

  7. Hi Babe_KL,

    Great review you have there. I've also made a short review on the place and am getting other to rate the place. Would you care to drop by and rate Goon Wah at my site? The URL is as below.



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