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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 3 February 2005

A Vietnamese Gem In A Foodcourt

Sorry for the long silence. I've been busy plus with so many public holidays around, I was away from work and busy preparing for Chinese New Year festival. More on that later.

Hmmm it's kinda hard to let out this secret gem but then I love to share good food with friends especially good find. This Vietnamese stall is located in Bukit Bintang Plaza's Foodcourt. This foodcourt is located at the basement where Johnny Steamboat and Rasa Utara are. Can be access via escalator near Guardian or via Metrojaya's Men's Department.

It's run by a Vietnamese family and I would say their food tasted great for what they're are charging.

Check out their prices on the menu. Reasonable ain't it?

This is their delicious Ginger Chicken and Mushroom Fried Rice. Reminded me of my confinement food actually. This rice has chicken strips and oyster mushroom strips fried with lots of ginger strips. It's very very fragrant even though I don't really fancy ginger. They have the beef version too.

Deep fried rice rolls are freshly deep fried. The skin is crispy whilst the ingredient detected inside are glass noodle, minced chicken, black ear fungus, can't remember if it has any carrot strips in there though. We like this a lot as its crispy and crunchy, best dipped in the accompanying dip of soya sauce, chillies and fish sauce.

Close up of the fried rice.

This one is Noodle Salad which I absolutely love. Main ingredients are beehoon (rice noodle), shredded carrots and cucumber, lettuce and deep fried rice rolls. There is a sprinkling of crushed peanut and served with a bowl of sauce [tasted some soya sauce, fish sauce, bird eye chillies (cili padi in Malay) and more crushed peanut] which you are supposed to drizzle all over your noodle salad before eating.

This stall serves Chicken Chop ala Vietnamese style too with some white rice. Can't comment as I've not tried this. From the look of it, seems nice. Maybe next time.

Their beef and beef ball noodles are not too bad either but I personally find the soup lacking something cause I've tasted better pho in Australia. The portion is quite generous though.

You can also opt for their Curry Chicken with plain rice. Their main dish of the day usually varies from day to day. Once, I tasted this wonderful beancurd stuffed to the brim with glassnoodle cooked in mince chicken and black fungus. It was superb!

Well the secret is out... it's time to pay them a visit soon!

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