Friday 18 February 2005

Our First Day of New Year Dish

It's usually a one dish vegetarian meal. A pretty simple dish and one can play with the various ingredients that can be cooked together. It's simply amazing. Err it doesn't even have a proper name cos usually people will just name it Tzai Choy (vegetarian dish in Cantonese).

The ingredients that one can put in are deep fried beancurd sheet, gluten, glass noodles (also known as bean noodle), cabbage, Chinese cabbage, black mushroom, shimeiji mushrooms, golden needle mushrooms (enoki), black fungus, cloud ears fungus, dried lily bud, fatt choy (Cantonese for black moss) and so forth. One can omit or include any of these ingredient. The essence of this dish is actually the usage of lam yue (Cantonese for red fermented beancurd).

What I do is usually deep fried the dried beancurd sheet. Once that is done, remove the oil and leave some in the wok. Add in lam yue into hot oil. Stir and mash them up until it's fragrant. Next add in cabbage and fry them for a while. Add in the ingredients that you're using one by one starting with those that take longer to cook first. I add in the glass noodle last as that can crushed up easily.

Lastly add in some water and cover the wok. Braise till the cabbage is soften. Add salt to taste and voila... a yummy vegetarian dish to be served on the first day of Chinese New Year!

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