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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 17 January 2005

What the ...???

What the ... with these people??? It's in today's The Star newspaper about the Indian Progressive Front (IPF) General Assembly. I got cheesed off after checking the photo! WTF they need to get such a huge garland for the PM?? As if his neck and body is huge enough to wear it?? DUHHHH IT'S SUCH A WASTE OF MONEY!!! I'm sure it will cost them a couple of hundreds for that garland. They should have channel those money to any charities instead.

This is truly a Malaysia Boleh* spirit!

* Malaysia Boleh is coined when the Malaysian badminton team won the Thomas Cup many many years ago. It's literally translated as Malaysia Can. These days, Malaysia Boleh is used in a cynical way hehe...

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