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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 10 January 2005

Kudos to all Volunteers

**Edited to amend some names**

Sorry for being absent for some time. Somehow the mood and pace is not there to blog. This one I simply can't resist to write about. I've a group of friends who went to Maha Vihara over the weekend on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday to volunteer their service from sorting of stuff, packing, sealing cartons to loading boxes into the trucks. Kudos to all of them. Majority of them are from Waja Performance Club, a premier club of our national car, Waja. Some of them brought along friends and family members.

I've promised them that I'm going to put up their names here and their photos too, courtesy from Romanoff. He managed to get some great pictures there that reflected the moment there. Thank you. Also thanks to Jerry whom organised this and those who have supported his call.

Those who were there... Romanoff, Helena, Firdaus, Jun Hao, Azlan, Jerry, Adam, Edwin, Alice, Kah Hoo, Edwin's Mother-in-Law (whom he forgotten her name *she's a 'hot' lady ok hehe*), Leong WT, Lee Ping, Ginny, Boon Chin. Hope I did not missed out any of your names here.

Many thanks too to ALL VOLUNTEERS who have lent a hand!!!!

I'll leave here with some of those photos:

Heave ho...!!

Gosh... look at their face!!!??

Now, this was the reason... soiled clothes!! Thanks to the ugly Malaysians!!!

Everyone got down to work after initial shock. Kudos!

More work to do...

Race is not a boundary... I'm very glad and happy to see this. Errrr to non-Malaysians, just that we have some extremist who refused to step into religious places other than their own religion. Maha Vihara is a Buddhist temple and the lady wearing headscarf sorting out clothes here is a Muslim.

Even packing and sealing boxes is an art by itself kekeke

Once again, many thanks for the lending hands.

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