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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Review: Farm Fresh Yogurt Drink

Farm Fresh Yogurt Drink

We have been great fans of Farm Fresh dairy products ever since we discovered the fresh natural milk back in 2010. Since then we have been consuming their yoghurt as well, so much easier than making my own even though I have to admit homemade yoghurt taste so much better :p

We chanced upon Farm Fresh's latest product when we were at the supermarket last month. They have a sampling booth and we were delighted that it's a Farm Fresh Yogurt Drink. We did the taste test which I've asked for the Natural one which is surprisingly good with just a slight hint of sweetness, not too sour to my taste bud. Then I tried a flavoured one which came looking the same as the Natural flavour. Taste wise, very importantly not super sweet, light and as for the flavour, well I guess it's hard to get 100% natural flavourings, I would say I can taste just a slight hint of artificialness when compared with other brands. Pass my taste bud.

What attracted me were tag lines like "No colouring" and "No preservatives"!!! Pass my own conscience too hehe. So you'll see each bottle looking the same under the translucent bottle and I really like the simple and clean design of the packaging even though not as colourful as others. Gave me the impression of an "organic" product.

Naturally, BoiBoi asked us to buy them. They were running a special price for 3 bottles promo which regretfully I've forgotten the price. If not mistaken each 1 Litre bottle is between RM4 - RM5.

So far, I've not seen Farm Fresh Yogurt Drink available at many supermarkets but Jusco should have them. Perhaps I should have shut my mouth up and not blog about this as getting the fresh milk can also be a problem cos they run out very very quickly heh :p

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post and we do not know the owners of Farm Fresh Dairy :D


Sean said...

sounds pretty good, will keep an eye for it at the supermarkets :D

Babe_KL said...

It is Sean, do give them a go!

mamasoju said...

tried, but a lil too sweet for me :(
Guess I ll just stick to the milk... :)

Unknown said...

I like so much on the taste of its pure and freshness. Satisfied with such concentrated as well as the live culture.