Monday 1 April 2013

Review: Burger Junkyard @The Strand

**Pork Free**

Of late, Klang Valley has been bombarded with all sorts of burger joints, from burger bakar (grilled) to black buns (that's made with charcoal powder), the list is really endless. We're not the type who are prepared to queue for our food, I mean like really queue for more than 30 minutes especially so when it's just burger. So we don't go all the way out for them, really.

Burger Junkyard

We dropped by this one, Burger Junkyard located at The Strand, Kota Damansara, just because we were in that area to pick up some pet food. As it was still quite early, we managed to get a table easily but not for those who came in after 7.30pm. It's clean and straightforward with some furniture items recycled from cable drums and wooden crates.

Loved the fact that someone actually bothered to came outside to greet us when BoiBoi and I were browsing the menu while waiting for Capt'n Hook to park the car. The attention given in explaining how to order right down to recommend their signature burgers is well commendable. These young chaps really nailed it here! How about the burgers then?


Ordering process is quite simple, just go up to the counter and place your order but at times, table service is available too. After paying, they'll pass you a furry rat that has a number tag on it. Once your burger is ready, they'll bring it to your table. Hmmm not so sure about the furry rat as I can get a bit paranoid touching a public furry item, not so hygienic I feel when you have different dirty hands handling them. When BoiBoi was young, we always wipe his toys with disinfectant. I hope Burger Junkyard would do the same, maybe few times a day.

Anyway, BoiBoi went for a single beef patty Steamin' Cheese Burger (RM15.90), just cause of the cheese. Apparently all the cheese served on the burgers are steamed aged and pressed Cheddar to retain it's moisture and giving life back to frozen Cheddar. So on top of the beef patty has cheese, onion slices and tomato slice sandwiched in between black sesame topped buns. All burgers came with fries and a house aioli (aioli is usually made of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and egg yolks). We knew BoiBoi enjoyed his burger tremendously minus tomato ketchup this time, in between licking his fingers off the juices of the beef patty.

Steamin' Cheese Burger RM12.90

I always like to order the most popular item on the menu, well just to see if it really deserves all the attention. Brooklyn Burger (RM15.90) is the most ordered burger and I had mine single beef patty. It was indeed a towering and handsome burger with cheese, turkey ham, beef bacon, a slice of grilled pineapple ring, a fried egg, some lettuce, sliced onions, and a slice of tomato with buns slathered with their house aioli. Phew, quite a mouthful eh?

Brooklyn Burger RM15.90

A sloppy burger indeed with juices running out with each bite. To solve the problem of dripping juices, we emptied the fries onto a lined basket and used the waxed paper to wrap up the burger :p

I like the usage of fresh pineapple slice instead of canned one was the sweetness would have killed the taste. The patty is thick and retained it's moistness. This burger is something I would order again and again.

Brooklyn Burger

Capt'n Hook decided on the Mystery Burger. When it was described to us, all I heard was garlic... garlic... garlic...! No wonder they call it Vampire Slayer (RM18.90 for double).  I had a bite and even though there are quite a number of garlic items on it, it's not overly garlicky. Imagine other than the standard ingredients, they have on garlic aioli, garlic confit sauce, garlici butter and garlic crouton bits. Capt'n Hook ought to count his luck that his partner equally like garlic :p and was not put off with his garlic breath.

Mystery Burger - Garlic (RM18.90 double)

Hmmm I just noticed the pic, there's only one patty but if not mistaken double means the weight is more and not 2 pieces of patties.

Mystery Burger - Vampire Slayer

We have a side of Fried Country Mushrooms (RM6.90) which is deep fried battered fresh button mushrooms served with a tomato salsa dip. Nothing special or exciting over this side.

Fried Country Mushrooms (RM6.90)

BoiBoi had a dessert of Brownie with vanilla ice cream (RM7.90) which seriously isn't anywhere like brownie. Tasted like steamed chocolate cake with a heavy tasting of rising agent. Perhaps renaming brownie to moist chocolate cake would be better but if I were them, I would source for another good tasting brownie recipe.

Brownie with vanilla ice cream (RM7.90)

Oh yeah, for drinks, there isn't any drinks fountain yet, hence soft drinks and tea come in cans in a fridge near the counter. Just help yourself. I like the choice of having green tea after such a heavy assault :D Our total bill of all the items above plus 2 cans of drink came to RM67.50.

Overall, we quite like the burgers which has moist beef patties and the usage of fresh ingredients. No complains there. Attention and service given are so far one of the best. Even some big cafes/restaurants can't beat them! If they can keep up and maintain their quality and consistency, they should be able to survive the onslaught of burger joints.

There is one teeny complain though, the serviettes! Sounded lame huh but the serviettes they used are those thin ply ones dispensed on a dispenser at your table. The size is kinda smallish too, not so convenient to be used when you have juices running all over your hands. I really felt bad when I had to kill so many trees by pulling out so many pieces of them. Something thicker and biggish would be appreciated. Oh don't worry, they do have wash basin to wash up unlike a certain burger place we went. Just that lots of paper napkins are needed to wipe the smudges on your fingers and face heh.

Burger Junkyard
No. 16-G, Jalan PJU 5/20D
The Strand Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-6143 4305

Business hour:
Lunch (12pm-3pm)
Dinner (6pm-10pm)
Closed on Sundays


  1. Nice review!

    U missed their best offering...their awesome chargrilled chicken thigh...order the Buffalo Soldier burger to enjoy it's caramelised goodness...haha =)

    Btw the dip with the mushroom is actually a tomato concasse sauce =)

  2. Thanks ulric, you sounded like a regular at Burger Junkyard :p

  3. Yep...I have tried their entire regular some specials too...hehe :3


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