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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Review: Artisan Popsicles From The Potong

We have the privilege to meet with Ivan, one of the 3 founders of The Potong which have branded themselves as fresh artisan popsicles recently. Ivan proceeded by introducing the concept and production of The Potong which I find it very interesting. I think I would love to be their taste bunny (well if they wish to hire me hehehe) as The Potong team embarked on concocting the various flavours coming from fruits, vegetables, herbs etc. Well not only those but also booze for the child in every adult we know :D

Cherry Root Beer & Sunny Melon

The Potong range is divided into Signature Range, Seasonal Specialty, Booze Pop (RM9 for each pop) and Prosecco Pop (RM15 for each pop). The first two (RM5 for each pop) can be found currently at Wondermama Restaurant & Cafe. The Potong should be made available at more outlets soon, I guess just wait for the announcement on their Facebook page. The Booze and Prosecco will be available at places with liquor licence at a later stage. However, you can dig into them at the following upcoming events in the Klang Valley:

The Week of Taste Malaysia @ Publika > 19 - 21st Oct
The Great Brunch Experiment @ BSC Concourse area, Ground Floor > 27th & 28th Oct 10.00am - 6.30pm
FAB Market  @ Publika > 28th Oct
Urbanscapes Festival @ Padang Astaka > 24 & 25th Nov

We have a little tasting session of these pops which claimed to be all natural but Ivan was honest enough to inform that they do need to add some sugar to adjust the sweetness according to the sweetness of the ingredients procured plus addition of a little stabiliser to keep the texture consistent.

We got to try the Cherry Root Beer and Sunny Melon. Cherry Root Beer is made of A&W root beer, vanilla cream and topped with a maraschino cherry, reminded me of the time when my dad took us to the then A&W at Jalan Raja Laut for a root beer float... ahhh such beautiful memories ;-)

Cherry Root Beer & Sunny Melon unwrapped

Honeydew melon, cucumber and thyme make up of Sunny Melon! Loved this combination and the soft texture was an added bonus. I have tasted similar granita made by Rohani at work but this is so refreshing and on a stick! Totally a must have on a hot hot day.

Ivan was kind enough to bring along a bottle of prosecco for us to try out the Prosecco Pop experience. We are supposed to dunk a pop into the sparkling wine before popping the pop into our mouth. We got to try with Rosy Mango (Mango, Grapefuit & Rose Water) and Watermelon Fizz (Watermelon, Lemonade & Apple Mint).

Prosecco Pop - Rosy Mango & Watermelon Fizz

The sensory played up when it first tasted the slight sweet slight bitter wine followed by the flavours of the pops. We loved Rosy Mango but Watermelon Fizz is great too! Kids would love them, well minus the wine combi. The pops given to us for tasting for this Prosecco Pop experience is a normal sized pop but it will be shorter in the actual sales. So please don't complain horrr when your pop is shorter when you try them at the above events.

Watermelon Fizz

Do follow The Potong on their Facebook page to catch hold of their latest offerings and locations.

Thank you Ivan for the time and pops; and Lanatir for the intro.

Psst, apologies for the crappy pics cos I dunno how to use Capt'n Hook's camera lol.