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16 Oct 2012

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Epicurious Brunch @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Veni Vidi Voro was the motto on Bangsar Shopping Centre's (BSC) East West Food Fest banner. Capt'n Hook interpreted to me it's "I came, I saw, I ate" in Latin o.O don't ask me how he knows and when I asked... he proofed it to me by searching on the net via his phone! Well, the meaning is right about there and that was what happened today when the 3 of us visited the Epicurious Brunch.

15 stalls doesn't sounded much but by the time you try out the food from each stall... I tell ya... your stomach would be bursting! Luckily for us, we sampled and shared the food amongst ourselves, in a way, a little goes a long way for not for ttthhhat long.

Brunch menu was the call of the day and you'll find plenty of creative brunch menus to chow on. Starting off near the entrance is Craft Bakers with an array of very interesting breads and pastries ranging from Chocolate Chili Bun, Ginger Chili Chelsea Bun to Chocolate & Pumpkin Bread. Craft Bakers is an Artisan European style bakery and cafe located in Solaris Dutamas and they serve freshly baked organic breads, coffee and tea.



Craft Bakers

I finally got a taste of the goodies from Swich Cafe! We sampled on Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab Pizza which essentially met the East West theme. The salted egg yolk crab smelt so good when the chef was cooking it that we stayed on and waited for the pizza to come out fresh from the oven! There's an aioli on it but yet it's not rich. Was told that they'll be opening by early next year at Publika, yay!




We checked out Andy's BBQ next! Well Andy is basically based in USA but his brother, Todd, is helming the stove here in Kuala Lumpur. We have Smoky Chicken Banana Pancake with Gula Melaka and Virgin Kiwi Mint Julep. We loved the mint julep, very refreshing. The pancake is quite funky huh... there's the smoky flavour from the chicken but there's sweetness from banana slices and a light gula melaka syrup.



Can't helped but to watch a bunch of jovial youth over at Yay, Sammich! I was served by Basira and was told their Christmas Kinda is very popular. The sandwich has roast chicken, cranberry jam, cheddar cheese and gravy and they're grilled on a panini pan before serving.




Next we have Paulisima's Kitchen which is showcasing tacos with handmade corn tortillas. The tortillas are soft, totally different from those stiff pre-packages stuff. I opted for the traditional one which is the Classic Beef which has mozarella, chopped onion, cilantro and a roasted tomato salsa.




Kee's Creampuff which has a shop front at Subang Business Centre is serving creampuffs plus a brunch that made up of devil egg, cheesy cream puff and chocolate cream puff. We tried the classic creampuffs... nice choux pastries filled with cream.


Kee's Cream puff

The Potong had a presence here and I've blogged about them earlier. There are 3 new flavours for this brunch and we tried one of them - Sparkling Mimosa which must be really good that BoiBoi asked for seconds but too bad by the afternoon the Sparkling Mimosa was a little too soft due to some technical problem. We got him the Blueberry Yoghurt instead which turned out he quite liked it too even though he said it was a little sour but then again this is real yoghurt, not the sweetened kind. We also tried a Nutty Choc... nutella and fresh coconut milk, need I say more?


Jason's Food Hall have some delectable local and western goodies. I spied nasi lemak, sandwiches, pasta, kuih muih etc but then not only that but the award winning macarons and chocolates from Pierre Ledent. I'm not a big fan of macarons as I always find them overly sweet however Pierre Ledent's one is a different story altogether. 



It was much later on that we noticed quite a number of people from our neighbouring tables were devouring the banana leaf packaged nasi lemak. Capn't Hook bought a packet and got it heated up. Oh what a delightful find!

Kuriya made a big presence as it had a tuna cutting demo at noon. There were hordes of people crowding around the chefs while they twist, turn and slice up the 58kg tuna! After the demo, the packets of fresh tuna sashimi and sushi just snapped up like hot cakes!




I met Chiun of Smooshie. On display was homemade yoghurt topped with strawberries with red dragonfruit and buckets of colourful bottled natural fresh juices without sugar nor preservatives. Oh boy, when you read the labels that came with health benefits on them, you'll find really interesting flavours that really works! Both the juices we tried were equally good. One of it Passion Fruit, Orange and Yoghurt but the adults loved the  Green Apple, Lemongrass and Rambutan! Rambutan, oh wow, so exotic as juice, nice.



Next to them (a little hidden at the corner), you'll find loads of gourmet treasures at Gourmandine ranging freshly made breads and pastries, French butter (oh Heaven), gourmet juices and syrups and so forth. I brought back a sandwich loaf and made a yummy open sandwich of grilled chicken, carrots (cos I've ran out of lettuce) and topped with an egg for dinner. Just remember their breads are made without preservatives hence you'll need to quickly eat up or keep in the freezer or fridge or they'll turn moldy pretty quickly in our weather.




These babies are from Ultra Fudge Brownies by Lexy. Was too full already so we brought back Ultra Fudge Brownies with Walnut and Spiced Orange and Raisins Fudge Brownies that are so full of chocolaty goodness.



After hearing from so many foodies that Forty Licks Ice Cream is so delicious that we just have to make some space for them. I've gotten their best seller of Salted Caramel which is creamy and nice but kinda too sweet for me but then again my tolerance for sugar is quite low. However, we're swoon over by BoiBoi's choice of Honey with Dark Chocolate bits but I can be bias as I love love honey and bitter chocolate. As there were too many people making a beeline for them, I did not bothered to taste the rest, maybe next time.


By the way, I'm slowly reintroducing coffee into my system after stopping for 16 years. At that time my stomach suddenly can't tolerate coffee anymore (not that I drink it everyday) hence the stop. I've asked Capt'n Hook to make me some decaf latte and ehhh my stomach did not protest over it. So over the last few months, I'm slowly but getting bolder these days hahaha. Yes yes yes, I'm starting to enjoy all the gourmet coffees that I've missed out all these years. So it was a great pleasure to end the brunch with  fragrant cappucino and latte from Hot Shots Coffee & Tea.


The Epicurious Brunch is not all about food displayed at the stalls but there are some cooking demo and activities for kids. Nigel of Just Heavenly/Baking Barn was demonstrating how to make Eton Mess when we leave after BoiBoi's participation in the Dress-A-Cake Workshop for 7 - 12 years old kids. Nigel will be showing how to make honeycomb tomorrow at 10.30am, so make your way early if you wish to learn a trick or two. After that don't forget to drop by at Just Heavenly Cafe for more Heavenly food. I've tried the delicious offerings and will blog about it soon.



And tadaaa this was how BoiBoi's cake turned to look like...


Thank you to Anusha of BRDB for the invite and all the participants for feeding us so much delicious goodies. There is still one last chance for you tomorrow to sample on all the goodies show cased here. So head over to Bangsar Shopping Centre from 10.00am to 6.00pm for your fix of deliciousness!

There are more pics on my flickr album.


babyloops said...

Thank you so much for this dear. The food looks awesome. Looking forward to having you soon in BSC. Thanks again.

Best regards,
Anusha K.

Ciki said...

If I ate all that, I'd be stuffed too! Oh such great shots.. making me feel like having a huge bfast now! Love the fish cutting demo too! Did the place smell fishy?

Babe_KL said...

Thanks for having us Anusha, we throughly enjoyed ourselves!

Hi Ciki, yes it was a bit fishy but they did clean up pretty quickly and the smell was all gone after the show