Monday, 9 April 2012

Review: Eat N' Run @ Tropicana City Mall

**Pork Free**

Capt'n Hook had a lunch appointment with his class mate (which he bumped into recently after many many years) at Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya. Since it was school holidays, BoiBoi and I tagged along. We noticed before this that the eateries here tend to be pretty busy during lunch hours, hence I made BoiBoi to have lunch early. Both of us loitered around at the basement floor where there are many small eateries. We ended up picking Eat N' Run, a very bright yellow, white and red eye catching fast food outlet. It's usually full but because it was just past noon, we managed to grab a table at the outside.

Eat N Run

Menu is very simple here with choices of either deep fried chicken chop or fish served with butter rice or spaghetti; a sauce and a side dish for RM8.90. Add another RM1.00 for a drink. There is a small list of snacks here that are all deep fried stuff like fries, nuggets, calamari etc stuffs that I generally stay away.

After you have decided either chicken or fish and butter rice or garlic pasta; you move on to pick one sauce out of the 6 available sauces - Eat N' Run Special, Black Pepper, Mushroom, Hainanese, Spicy Thai and Mayonnaise. Next you choose one side dish from 3 options - coleslaw, baked beans with scrambled eggs and pickled vegetables. Easy peasy!

BoiBoi picked his choice of chicken chop with butter rice, black pepper sauce and baked beans with scrambled eggs plus an ice peach tea. Seriously, I wonder how he finished that huge bowl of rice, in fact he whacked the entire plate till it's empty. I tasted the rice which is quite all right with just a light hint of butter so it's not that "jelak". The black pepper sauce is rather mild too in case you wonder if it's too hot for you.

Chicken Chop with Butter Rice & Black Pepper Sauce (RM8.90)

Since I'm not a big fan of rice, I opted for garlic spaghetti with my chicken chop, mushroom sauce and coleslaw plus an ice lemon tea. I find the the medium sized chicken leg had a greasy and thick egg-flour batter coating which I dislike as the exterior is crispy but the interior got soggy when it steamed up inside. I removed much of the batter but BoiBoi "stole" them all tsk tsk tsk! The spaghetti as expected was pre-cooked, hence they're dry and cold. I had to pour the mushroom sauce on the spaghetti to counter the dryness.

Chicken Chop with Spaghetti & Mushroom Sauce (RM8.90)

Close up of Chicken Chop

For RM8.90, I think it's a value-for-money meal as one piece of chicken leg is around RM5 but rather unhealthy as it's deep fried food. I guess once in a while should be ok. Plus point is, they food does arrive pretty quick, living up to their name!

Eat N' Run
LG 25 Lower Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall
No 3 Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (+603) 7729 2297


  1. heh, i guess he was able to finish the rice and all that food cos he really is a growing boy! healthy appetite is a good sign, i think (i dunno, since i don't have kids, heh) :D

  2. try the butter curry pasta with meatball.

  3. Yes Sean!! He can really eat these days

    Michelle, hahaha yes!

    Lanatir, got such thing in the menu meh???

  4. Got. I hv it every once in a while

  5. I will remove the thick oily batter too >.<

  6. A blog with a very interesting information to learn about the cuisine of the country.

  7. Lanatir, Ok will look out fo rit next

    Choi Yen :D

    Thanks El Oteador de los Mercados

    Not too bad Wenn


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