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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 2 April 2012

Review: The Bee @ Publika

**Pork-free as alcohol is served**

We have been to The Bee at Jaya One for burgers and Last Polka ice creams but this time we managed to sneaked into The Bee at Publika for burgers after we were a tad too early for Fat Boy Burger's opening.

The Bee 01

This outlet is huge as compared to Jaya One's. Loved the high ceiling that creates an airy ambiance and it wasn't way too crowded for us to enjoy our burgers. Just as they advocate that they're a neighbourhood hang out, and they really do fit into that category with a relaxed atmosphere.

The Bee 02

The mish mash of furnitures add on a little quirkiness. I've noticed quite a number of the furniture pieces are a piece of art on its own and I believed they're made from recycled items to fit into Publika's tag to make art a part of daily life. There are many nooks and corners plus alfresco dining to suit your moods. Eating alone? No problem, pick a tall chair and watch the world goes by, by looking out onto the alfresco dining area...

The Bee 04

Catching up with friends over coffee (they serve artisanal coffees btw) and cakes over these comfy sofas and arm chairs. Just take your pick from the many arrangements.

The Bee 05

Since it's casual dining, don't you loved how the cutleries are plonked into a very old school enamel mug. Noticed enamel wares are slowly creeping into cafes these days? Before plastics were made popular, I remember each of us has a smallish enamel mug for us to rinse our mouth after brushing our teeth when we were kids!

The Bee 03

For drinks, I had The Bee's Freshly-Made House Lemonade (RM6.50). Nice and refreshing, yes made from real lemon juice, not the cordial kind. Capt'n Hook stick with his Stewart's Fountain Classic Root Beer (RM8.50) which is root beer, key lime with cream soda. Not overly sweet, suits my taste bud. Pssst they have the float version in case you're craving for a root beer float :p

The Bee's Freshly-Made House Lemonade RM6.50 & Stewart's Fountain Classic Root Beer RM8.50

This was how Capt'n Hook's Bee Burger (RM19.50) looked like. In between the toasted sesame seeds buns, there is a nicely done (Capt'n Hook requested for well done) thick beef patty, a slice of cheese, beef bacon, thick slice of pickled cucumber, lettuce and a house made aioli. No tomato as seen since he had requested not to have any due to his GERD. Even though the patty was made well done, it still retained it's juiciness but Capt'n Hook couldn't helped raving about the juicy chicken burger at Uncle Chilli's Bar @ PJ Hilton lol!

Bee Burger RM19.50

BoiBoi and I have a Cheeseburger (RM15) each! We can't share much these days since BoiBoi's appetite has grown tremendously o.O. This Cheeseburger has the same works as Bee Burger except for the beef bacon slice.

Cheeseburger RM15

Both burgers were served with a bunch of not too thin, not too thick fries which surprisingly I liked and walloped the whole lot of my share. Kinda rare since I'm not fond of deep fried stuff. Don't be shy for ask for condiments like chilli or tomato sauce, mustard etc.

There are many other choices of burgers here to suit everyone, ranging from French Burger; Australian Burger, Hawaiian Burger (that has an additional slice of pineapple); Japanese-styled Ebi Fry Burger and Tori Katsu Burger; Chicken Burger and there's even a Falafel Burger for the vegetarians! Some of these burgers reminded me of Bergs Burger in Singapore, oh so yummy!

If burger is not your cup of tea, they do have other stuff like hot dogs, pastas and pies. Since we were all stuffed up, so no desserts, otherwise we would have gone for the Last Polka ice creams.

There are so many eateries springing up here in Publika that it's very hard to catch up especially for us who stay so far from this area! Hopefully we'll get to try out the rest soon, very soon! So far, we loved the non-halal hawker center Eat Food Village for the varieties.

The Bee
36B, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480, KL
Mon - Thurs: 9am - 12am
Fri: 9am - 1am
Sat: 10am - 1am
Sun: 10am - 10pm
Tel: (+6016) 6736 142

2A-G, Block K, Jaya One
72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 9am - 11pm
Fri: 9am - 12am
Sat: 10am - 12am
Sun: 10am - 10pm
Tel: (+603) 7960 2160


Michelle Chin said...

i miss my root beer float

Jon said...

As luck would have it, my office has moved to Jalan Ipoh, close to Segambut and close to Publika too. Will be checking out Bees soon. Have been eating at the cafe inside BIG which is pretty good. The non-halal cafe in BIG is usually full house too.

Babe_KL said...

Awww, it should be easy peasy to make your own root beer float luckily

Jon, lucky you! I've been bombarded with loads of pics from S.Wine. So might just try it one day.

Unknown said...

i feel wanna try the burger.... :) yum yum!

Unknown said...

feel like trying the burger now.. :) yum yum!!!

Ciki said...

did u know that Isadora Chai of Bistro a table is responsible for their new menu;)

I love the chill out sofas here.. and the coffee!

Babe_KL said...

Thanks for the nugget of info C&C

Jon said...

Yes, love their coffee here. It's freshly ground and well made. Great place to chill out after the lunch crowd departs. And the Last Polka ice cream is heavenly.