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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review: Ninja Joe (Pork Burger)


Ninja Joe

Let's start the year with something porky. It's just some fast food in the form of burgers, nothing fancy but these pork burgers by Ninja Joe really rocked our bellies. They have been around for a while, just that we never get to blog about it earlier since almost every non-Muslims in the blogsphere have written about this joint.

Their set ups are pretty simple and seriously this is a home grown brand even though banging on a ermm Japanese theme and they're not a foreign franchise. Even their menu is quite basic with just 3 types of pork burgers to choose from which is great so that people who are indecisive can quickly make up their mind :p, a few side orders and a small selection of drinks and ice cream.

The basic burger is named Ninja that is just pork burger patty on a split bun with tomato slice and lettuce. The specialty is the choices of sauces available ranging from original, oriental, teriyaki, spicy, black pepper and sweet & sour. The Ninja is rather small in size, for myself, one Ninja would be sufficient but for Capt'n Hook... he can go between 2 to 3 Ninjas. I supposed it must be due to it's sheer size, the pricing comes in either solo, 2, 3 or 6 with the price of RM5.50, RM9.90, RM12.90 and RM29.90 respectively. So far I've sticked with either original or teriyaki sauce which both were great with the pork burger. Not very sloppy but good enough.

Solo Ninja (RM5.50)

Even our BoiBoi likes one and he does not go for the normal ones aka Ninjas. He has such a good taste bud that he tends to order The Big Boss or Brucely. Now, I'm beginning to wonder aloud as in what would "The Big Boss" or "Brucely" have got to do with ninjas or joes? (Note that "The Big Boss" and "Brucely" sounded like a reference to Bruce Lee, perhaps the owner is a big fan of Bruce Lee Xiao Long!)

The Big Boss (RM8.50) has pork patty, a fried egg, onion slices, lettuce and tomato slice in between buns. You can opt to add bacon for RM1 and cheese for RM1. For BoiBoi, he usually would ask for both! I think he's on a grow spurt these days. I'm cringing that he may get taller than me by the end of the year for now his head had reached the top of my ear!!! That means I've to get new sets of trousers for him *sobs*

The Big Boss with Cheese & Bacon

Then there's the Brucely (RM9.90) which I quite like too, the difference is instead of pork patty, this burger has a slice of pork chop, tomato slice and lettuce. Again one can opt for the extra bacon and cheese with the addition of RM1 each. Even though it's a piece of pork chop, rest assure that it's very tender and juicy. Sorry no pic on this one cos I can't find it :p

For all pork burger orders, just pay an extra of RM3.90 for the set that would include a cold drink and fries or RM4.90 for Zing Soda and fries. We didn't quite like the thick fries so we usually do not take the sets. I've asked for Zing Soda once which you can see in the first pic, I think that was an orange flavour. Just the usual soda with added orange syrup for flavour. The thing I like is I could actually get green tea to go with these lovely pork burgers.

I've ordered one of the sides, a Shuriken (5 pieces for RM4.90). I was given a number plate as they need to fry them up upon order. Even arrived piping hot, these potato and pork croquettes are really disappointing. The texture is mushy and very oily. After that one experience, we just couldn't be bothered with the fries and sides and straight hit the pork burgers.

Shuriken 5 pcs (RM4.90)

I'm so glad that there are more Ninja Joe branches these days with the latest being opened in 1 Utama. Other than that it can be found at Tropicana City Mall, Sunway Pyramid and The Gardens. Our only gripe is The Gardens outlet does not have a wash basin to wash our hands before and after a burger or two. Not very convenient as we need to wait for everyone to finish up before heading towards the washroom to wash our hands. Thank goodness there's one at Tropicana City Mall and I think Sunway has it too but I can't really recall. We haven't been to the one at 1 Utama and I really do hope they have one install in this outlet due to convenience and hygiene reason.

Ninja Joe's Branches:
  • LG-233, The Gardens Mall (Mid Valley)
  • LG-113, 1 Utama Shopping Mall
  • First floor, F1.93-95 Sunway Pyramid (Next to TGIF)
  • LG-18, Tropicana City Mall
Opens Mon - Sun 10.00am - 10.00pm


Michelle Chin said...

i would love to try the burgers here as i havent had a pork burger for quite some time kekekeeke

ping said...

Thanks for the review. I saw this at Gardens and was wondering if we should go in or not. Still haven't tried this. I've tried another pork burger at Bangsar Village 1 and wasn't too impressed. It's just a chop plonked between a bun and some icky sweet sauce .. much like teriyaki. My niece called it terriblyyucky. Some one should come up with a proper pork burger with minced pork and bacon ... the works! Since we're on the subject of burgers ... the jalapeno burger at Ritz Carlton is to die for! But that's not pork ... I think. :D

Sean said...

i'm wondering why they don't have wasabi mayo sauce as a topping though. that seems like it would fit in perfectly with their japanese-ish theme, heheh :D

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

wow..sounds irresistable n inviting..:P
Tasty Appetite

Little Corner of Mine said...

I won't pay that much to eat burger in Malaysia. Hahaha... :P

Babe_KL said...

Michelle, do give this a try and let us know of your verdict

Ping, I think that's the Macau Bun, some places do that quite good but sadly closed oredi :(

Sean, why not you suggest in their FB page :D

It does Jay and thanks for coming over

LCOM, prices of food is no longer cheap in KL. Even if you go to McD for a burger it's not cheap at all! When you're back, then you'll understand :(