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Review: House of China @ Kepong


It's always a headache whenever come to dinner time especially with the entire family in tow. Most of the time, we do not wish to travel far and the amount of eateries in Kepong these days is really mind boggling! So came one day the same question - where to eat??? Since I've read about House of China in the papers which served a rather interesting "squirrel" fish that I guess BoiBoi would love, so we decided to head there to give them a try.

House of China 01

House of China is located at the shoplots within the perimeter of Carrefour Kepong. It's quite easy to locate and it's the same row as the TCM hospital at the corner. When we enter the double shoplot, the entrance is adorned with various Chinese antique and decorative pieces and we were greeted by Chinese waitresses. Looks like everyone is of Chinese nationals including the man at the cashier counter and we were told that the chefs are one of them too. So now we know why the name and the dishes that they're serving here.

No doubt House of China doubled up as a Chinese antique and decorative store with a nice ambience with the play of lightings, it's sad to note that the tables and chairs for diners are of the ordinary tables and PVC wrapped chairs. It would have been complete if they have used matching tables and chairs at least.

House of China 02

A nice thick menu is a nice touch with menu in English, some with pictures especially for bananas like us. There is no problem placing our orders as the waitress who took down our order was utmost patient and willing to explained to us the dishes.

House of China Menu

Bittergourd Stir-fry with Salted Egg Yolk (RM15) is always a firm favourite. The crunchy slight bitterness of the bittergourd coupled with creamy salty yolk combination is sheer brilliant!

Stir-fry Bittergourd with Salted Egg Yolk (RM15)

Our second vegetable dish was this Stir-fry Paku Pakis with Belacan (RM12) (does the Chinese have such dish back home? *chuckle*). After a few bites, I find the fern shoots leave a slimy and numb sensation inside my mouth... my brother declared that this is not the usual fern shoots but Midin, a kind of wild ferns found only in Borneo Island or Sarawak! How did they got onto our plate? I've never tasted Midin before but since he has stayed in Sarawak for 2 years, I guess he could tell the difference. He said Midin leaves that sensation in the mouth. Hmmm, is it true?

Stir-fried Fern Shoots With Belacan (RM12)

Then we have this incredible melt-in-the-mouth Mui Choy Khau Yoke (RM35) (braised pork belly with preserved mustard cabbage). House of China's version have paper thin pork belly slices with the right balanced of tasty mui choy as some places have overly salty mui choy. I usually don't eat fatty parts where I removed them before eating but had a hard time doing that and succumbed to the entire fatty slices *gulp*. The only thing is there isn't much belly slices to go around.

Mui Choy Khau Yoke (RM35)

The star of the day supposedly this Sweet & Sour "Squirrel" Fish (RM32). Tasted just like normal sweet and sour fish just that the body of a tilapia fish is scored into diamond shape pieces and the fins were placed strategically on the head, deep fried to create this conversational-piece of fish that looked like a squirrel. Guess whose favourite dish it was?

Sweet & Sour Fish (RM32)

Sun Xin (Fairy) Chicken (RM28) is essentially a version of herbal chicken. Not sure of the herbs used but this tender and smooth chicken tasted slightly different from the usual herbal chicken, maybe because this is a drier version and not so soupy. I can't remember if we have half or whole chicken but I think it's half :p

Sun Xin (Fairy) Chicken (RM28)

Our only gripe about this place is their portion size. It's really kinda smallish for the price they charged. Hence we have to order an extra dish. We opted for a Dry Wok Fry Squid (RM22) which I think has a bit of Sichuan pepper corn that did not give a totally numbing effect but lend the squid quite fragrant.

Dry Wok Fry Squid (RM22)

There were 6 adults and one child with 5 bowls of white rice, a pot of Chinese tea, 2 glasses of warm water (RM1 each!!!) plus the dishes above costed us RM169.60.

House of China
33 Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 6,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
Kepong Utara, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6259 9909
Business hours: Daily 11.00am to 10.00pm


  1. 'fairy' chicken also sounds like an interesting name! hmmm, or maybe it's a common name in chinese. i wouldn't know, since i'm not familiar with chinese names, heh =)

  2. Hi,
    Just came across your blog, nice effort. Love the way you express your reviews.
    Btw, that plate of paku pakis does not look like midin. Having grown up in Sarawak, I definitely know the difference between midin aka milin and paku pakis. Midin is thinner and does not have the slimy and numbing effect. However, paku pakis that has not been prepared properly will have that taste.
    Hope this piece of information is helpful to u in ur future reviews.

  3. Gotta say, that's a fine-looking tilapia! And I'm so not a fan of that fish! I was recently inducted to the Lan Je scheme of things and really didn't get all the fuss!

  4. i find more and more interesting restaurants springing up in this area! good news for those staying nearby cos we dont have to go alllll the way to pj for choices. ;D this sounds like an interesting place to try, but i'll take note of the portions..oh, and i think i'll bring my own water oredi...heheheh.

    before it's too late, here's wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2012, babe! ;D

  5. The mui choy kau yoke really look different with the starchy look alike gravy...


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