Tuesday 29 November 2011

Tuna & Zucchini Fried Rice

Sorry for the long silence. The past couple of weeks have been a crazy one for me. Haven't put in so much hours in a day for a while... and then Bayan Indah have this big crazy event that needed organising. It was this event that I finally got to meet Pei-Lin of Dodol & Mochi! Lol sorry to Pei-Lin if I may not have recognise her cos I was really running around the grounds of Bayan Indah like no end.

So I'm just going to post a quick filler which is a rather unconventional fried rice using ingredients used mostly for Western cooking. This fried rice was made from leftovers actually of some canned tuna, yellow and green zucchini plus day old cooked red and brown rice.

Tuna & Zucchini Fried Rice

In a pan, I heated some oil before placing in cubed zucchinis. I stir-fried them till caramalised before putting in some chopped garlic. Once the garlic is fragrant, in went the tuna pieces and seasonings of salt & black pepper before adding the rice. Stir to mix well and sprinkle in some light soy sauce to taste. I finished off with some freshly cracked black pepper and served this with some stir-fried green vegetables.

Easy peasy and rather healthy too ;-)


  1. I like using zucchini in my pasta with king prawns - a very popular dish we had in Venice. Will try it with fried rice next time.

  2. looks like a very interesting combo! and can substitute the tuna with salmon also, rite :D

  3. Looks good, I tried fried rice with sardine, now I must try it with tuna too. :)

  4. Good to have u back I'm the blogging world!! This certainly looks like a quick and easy one pot dish!

  5. Green, yellow zucchinis and tuna in fried rice? Never had it before but love the sound of it. :) Off to cook some rice and "make-it-stale" for frying tomorrow!

  6. Hey, Pick Shan. I never thought I'd bump into you at Bayan Indah -- I was there for work-related purpose, after all. Hahaha! Don't worry about having not recognized me or attending to me lar ... I was busy with work, too, and so couldn't really talk much, aside from interviewing the participants. Psst, my bosses were there, too! Haha! Plus, it was our first time seeing each other ... =)

    Do stay in touch! I hope to see you again -- and perhaps do some cooking, baking, and/or eating together! Rohani Jelani is amazing, I must say.

    Take care amid the busy schedule. You do sound busy!

  7. Baby Sumo, I love zucchini! Thank goodness it's not exorbitant these days :D

    Definitely Sean. Did you know they have canned salmon?

    LCOM, :D I was inspired by other bloggers hehe

    Thanks Daphne and yes it does, loved the charred bits on the zucchini

    Good luck Celine and let us know how it fared!

    Hi Pei-Lin, thank you for witnessing how busy we can get in Bayan Indah :D there are lots of work before, during and after classes/events. Nice meeting you too ;-) and perhaps we shall organise another food bloggers cooking session, I supposed after CNY!


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