Sunday, 13 November 2011

Introducing Deliciously Chocolate

A few months back a few of us got invited by my friend, Patrick, one of the three partners of Deliciously Chocolate, the other two are Anizah and Edward, to a tasting session. We have a whale of time tasting so many chocolaty creations and giving our honest feedback so that they could tweak them accordingly.

Come 8 November, Deliciously Chocolate is opened at the ground floor of Menara IMC. It is advisable to pre-order your cakes via their website and collect them here as all cakes are freshly made to order except for macarons and whoppie pies which you can get them on their shelves.

There are 9 items available now with seasonal items offered on a monthly basis. Of all, my favourite is Oblivion which is a rich chocolate truffle cake - my kinda chocolate cake as it's not overly sweet and very rich in chocolate taste.

Oblivion collage

I'm not so crazy over macarons as I find those in Kuala Lumpur are sickly sweet with the exception of those from Nathalie's. During Deliciously Chocolate launch, I kept munching on the macarons without realising that I have already chomped down 5 at least! They're not super sweet and each piece are of even size with perfectly form feet, quite affordable too for the size.


I have a feeling that macarons is going to be oh so passe soon... and I think whoopie pie is going to be the next in thing as I've seen some of my friends raving and baking whoopie pie. Let's Make Whoopie! has 2 pieces of soft chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with chocolate ganache.


My other fave item is of course Tortino which is mini chocolate cupcake topped with a layer of chocolate ganache and a rosette of delicious peanut butter frosting... how to resist this for a chocolate and peanut butter lover like me???


There's also a white chocolate cake that is spread with refreshing lemon curd in between layers and with light white chocolate butter cream, well a change from the usual dark chocolate.

Watch out for the Christmas goodies that will be made available soon. There was a sneak preview and let's just say the creations are very apt to celebrate the yuletide season with the clever usage of spices. Become a facebook fan or follow Delicious Chocolate's tweet at @delicreations so that you won't missed out these goodies.

Remember to place your order now to savour all these chocolaty creations!

It is our delight to extend our heartiest congratulations to Deliciously Chocolate team. May there be many successful years of glory to come!

Deliciously Chocolate
Main Lobby, Suite 1.2, Level 1, 
Menara IMC, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours : 
Mon - Fri 11am till 7pm 
Sat - 11am till 2pm
Sun and Public Holiday - Closed

Note: Visuals courtesy of Deliciously Chocolate as by the time we get to the launch, it was too dark for a proper photo shoot.


  1. It all looks so pretty! I love macarons so need to go try these.

  2. wouldn't mind having some of those macarons now!

  3. fabulous shots babe! so bummed out we missed it coz we were out of town - but u did justice to the macs! hehe

  4. I make chocolate and coconut macarons with one really easy recipe. All you need is eggs, sugar, coconut milk and chocolate. My kids love it.

  5. mmm chocolate.. the Oblivion looks like a real treat!

  6. Hi,definitively will be back here.Love your site.Job well done.Happy New Year.Cheers!!!

  7. Hi,just want to say that i love your blog.Will be definitively be back.Happy New Year 2012.All the best.Cheers.


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