Sunday 7 August 2011

Merdeka Open House 2011: Announcing The Theme

It’s August already and time really flies. August is the Merdeka (Independence) month in Malaysia. This year, Malaysia will be celebrating 54th year of independence on 31st August. As most would know, Babe in the City – KL pays tribute to Merdeka Day by hosting a virtual open house on every 31st August. We have been hosting since 2006. Gosh it has been 5 years since the first one? 

The first Merdeka Open House, we have the theme Malaysians Recipe Long Forgotten. The subsequent year, we have Muhibbah as the theme where everyone came out with fab dishes of an ethnic different from our own. Next, we have Mee and My Malaysia where it was also the first time we went non-halal and allowing beef to be used.

In 2009, we sweetened up with My Sweet Malaysia showcasing our delicious desserts. Last year, we cooked our hearts out with the theme Food From Our Hearts.

We are mighty happy to host another round of Merdeka Open House this year and we know quite a number of bloggers are already on their toes waiting for us to announce the theme for this year’s event. Sorry, I'm a little late on this as my internet has been down ever so often!

We won’t be holding any polls this year to pick a theme as over the years, we have accumulate quite a number of ideas that you have suggested. This time ThamJiak trumps again with this suggestion of hers on provincial dishes. It was also timely that the latest issue of Her World Cookbook features the same theme as well, so you could get a copy and start cooking your hearts out. Officially, the theme would be known as

Makan Through Malaysia

Makan (eating in Malay) Through Malaysia means cooking a dish famously linked to a place in Malaysia, be it a state, an area or even a small remote village. We would love you to introduce the unique dish to the world by telling us about the dish, how it synonymously linked to the place and how the dish relates to you, on top of cooking and photographing the dish. We are going to be pretty strict on this as Merdeka Open House is not just about showcasing your cooking but also to be able to tell us a story of the dish and you.

Well, just so to get in some ideas of Makan Through Malaysia… here are some examples of the more popular dishes Klang Bak Kut Teh, Penang Assam Laksa, Mee Bandung Muar, Terengganu Satar, Ayam Golek Kelantan, Kedah Laksam, Ipoh Sar Hor Fun, Teluk Intan Chee Cheung Fun, Melaka Chendol Nyonya, Satay Kajang, Bidor Duck Noodle, Johor Briyani Gam, Klang Pulut Chendol, Kek Lapis Sarawak, Kacang Putih from Kampung Kacang Putih (yes there’s indeed such a place in Buntong, Perak!!!) etc...

All Malaysians, local and abroad, are eligible to participate. Spouses married to Malaysians are encouraged too submit their entries too ;-)

What you need to do:
  1. For this theme, you will need to cook a local dish linked to a place in Malaysia.We would love you to introduce the unique dish to the world by telling us about the dish, how it synonymously linked to the place and how the dish relates to you. We do not just want recipes and photos BUT would love to hear a beautiful story.

  2. Take a picture of your dish, type in your write-up and the recipe (if you have one, otherwise your ingredients and method would suffice if you're the guesstimate/agak-agak type). Do stick to traditional recipe without any shortcuts or replacement of ingredients to make it modern or fusion but it is all right for overseas participants due to limited ingredients. This open house is something for us to cherish our wonderful roots and we hope we could preserve the recipes that our ancestors have hand down.

  3. Post it up in your blog by 28th August 2011 but of course if you can do it earlier, it’s all the better to ease me in rounding up on 31st August.

  4. All entries must reach me by 28th August 2011, midnight Malaysian time at babe_kl(@)yahoo(dot)com. Our virtual party will be on 31st August 2011. In your email, attach a picture of your dish (minimum 500x375 pixels) and please state the following details:

    Name or nick
    Permalink/URL of your post
    Name of the dish

If you do not own a blog but wish to participate, kindly do your write up and send it together with the picture to me. I’ll post it up for you.

I can't wait for your submissions and participation. Anyway, do help to spread the word around so that we have more Malaysians taking part in this event. Thank you :D


  1. Ok, gonna have to think about this. There are a lot of local Sarawakian dishes but finding the story to go along with them will be a task.

  2. Interesting theme! But .... it is a little too difficult for me. My cooking skills is just not there yet, haha!

  3. Oh man, this theme is tough on me too! I seldom back in Malaysia and have been in the US for almost half of my live now and hardly got the chance to makan through Malaysia. Have to think about this as you know I would love to participate. Or I can pick the easiest way out and cook the Klang Bak Kut Teh. LOL! Hmmm...I just might since I do have a story to tell.

  4. I have just posted 2 of such recipes 2 weeks back. Can I submit them?

  5. Nate, perhaps something on how you feel on your first taste of the dish?

    Celine, just try your best. I know you can do it.

    C&C, you wanna lick the screen is it? :p It's virtual la

    LCOM, just do what you can ok. Don't stress out over it :D

    I'm sorry Wendy, the postings has to be from now till 28th Aug.

  6. Thanks for your invitation! Got to squeeze my brain juice again... haha... by the way, Malaysia really has a lot of good food! :)

  7. Thanks Bits if Taste, looking forward to your entry

  8. It's ok then.
    Time's rather short for me to do anything new for the moment and to arrange for posting as I'm submitting 2 entries to another event due around the same time.
    Thanks for organizing, and have fun!

  9. Hi Babe, thanks for the invites. This year theme will be a bit tough for me. Lost touch with a lot of places to eat in Malaysia. I will try to think of something :)

  10. Challenging theme babe ... hopefully can come out with something interesting, with story and hopefully can get the ingredients here lol .. will try!

  11. I dont know how to cook but maybe can give it a try haha. should ask my friends to join this if they want

  12. Thanks for the invite babe!

    I'm strange, i quite like this year's theme actually. HEheheee! Emailed you my entry. ;)

  13. Great theme but challenging lah! I'm from Klang but definitely cannot make bak kut teh without using the packet spice mix he he he :) Will try and think of something and hopefully join in. Thanks for hosting!

  14. Sorry about that Wendy :(

    Thanks Gert, hopefully you can think of something

    *keeping fingers crossed, Lianne*

    Yes Rojak Punya, the more the merrier please!

    Thanks Cherie :D

    Hey Shaz, you're so good with cooking, I'm sure you can cook up something :D

  15. ok, entry sent!

    Maybe we'll do another one too. We'll see if we have time (no promises).

  16. I have emailed you my entry on the 24th but did not get a reply from you. May I know if you received it or is it not suitable and being rejected? :D

  17. Thanks Nate, Quay Po & Suresh for your entries! YAY!!!


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