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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Happy Birthday to August's Boys and Gurls

aug bd
Cake by courtesy of Cameron Highlands Resort

It has been NINE years since I gave birth to BoiBoi and gee time really flies. He's really a blessing for us, giving us loads of happiness, excitement, anxieties, tears and you know, it's hard to sum them all up in words here. I guess he's really our "everything". Life has definitely become colourful and full of activities with one smile of our child. We're happy that he turns out to be quite obedient and rather sweet in nature. Watch out all the gurls out there!

Darling, may Lord Buddha bless you with real success and pure love, adorable smile and happy days. We are very happy and blessed by you that made us very very happy parents.

Happy 9th Birthday Darling!

Lots of love, Daddy & Mummy

August is also the month where I have quite a number of friends and family members who are sharing birthdays with BoiBoi and myself. Here's wishing J (7th), LL (18th), DL (20th), Lisa (21st), Babe_KL (25th), Dafthamsta (26th), Lyrical Lemongrass (27th) and my mom (29th):

Wishing all of you a very warm Birthday
May this day brings infinite joy in your life
May it brings unlimited success and hope in your life
Have fun most importantly and enjoy your day
To the best, today and always!

Many happy returns of the day!


Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy Birthday to your boiboi! Guess lots of Aug. birthday people ya including me. :)

ping said...

Time flies, eh? Happy Birthday everyone!

Unknown said...

peak bday month huh? happy bday to all!

choi yen said...

me also me also, August baby :P

Pick of Penang said...

Nice blog. Have linked to it.

Babe_KL said...

Happy Birthday to LCOM & Choi Yen!!!

Ya lor Ping, just in a blink!

Thanks Rita

Pick of Penang, thanks

Quay Po Cooks said...

OMG, your boiboi and I shared the same birth day! Happy Belated Birthday to your boiboi. Please give him a BIG BEAR HUG for me!

Horsoon said...

I love this post, not only the cake looks delicious, I could also taste the heavenly sweetness!

MelMel said...
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3 hungry tummies said...

Great round up and I can't wait to check out each of them later to day!