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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Review: Formosa @ SStwo Mall


Note: This post was originally posted on 12 May but got lost during Blogger's latest booboo.

Capt'n Hook was in Petaling Jaya servicing his car and when it's done, it's lunch time already. We were around SS2 area but definitely not going into jam packed commercial area as parking would sure be difficult. It struck me that there was this new SStwo Mall in the vicinity, and so we decided to check it out. Not very familiar with the place, we went round and saw the roof of the building but can't get anywhere near it lol. Thank goodness for technology, we searched for the address online, then use the GPS to head there.

The mall is kinda huge but still very deserted. So we went round checking out where are the dining places which got us walking out into this open air courtyard with quite a number of eateries opened. Opted to check out this Formosa @SStwo Mall since every tables were occupied, sure can't go wrong with this formula when we are dealing with unfamiliar eateries. I'm not sure if this Formosa is of the New Formosa spin-off of Taiwanese fast food version but it doesn't really looked like it though.

Luckily someone left as we walked in, so we got us a table on the walkway, pretty warm though in the current crazy hot spell. Actually we have to place our order at the cashier counter and pay for our food first. They'll give a number signage to place on our table.

There are ala carte items in the menu plus of course set menu. We opted for set since it's the easiest and the pricing should be cheaper or one would say "value for money" I guess from ordering ala carte. The sets came with tea or milk tea but we opted to add in "pearls" at 50 sens each cup and oh yeah what's happening in Klang Valley now? Bubble teas craze are back in a vengeance with the opening of so many bubble tea chains!

I had a red tea whilst Capt'n Hook have the milk version. I liked my tea and the pearls (balls made from tapioca starch) are of the good quality kind where they are not soft and soggy. Theirs are bouncy and chewy, I likey!

Pearl Tea

As usual, Capt'n Hook would usually go for gigantic piece of deep fried chicken. Over here the Hot Crispy Chicken Set (RM13.90) came with a bowl of rice topped with braised sauce and vegetables, braised egg and braised tofu, crispy deep fried chicken fillet and a glass of Taiwan tea.

Hot Crispy Chicken Set (13.90)

Seriously, the chicken is really gigantic and can see the meat is rather thick as compared with the other chain which I will blog about it later on. Even though the meat is thick but it still retained it juiciness. The braised sauce seasoning is just nice for us in which the egg and tofu are braised in. The vegetable that topped the rice is harm choy (pickled mustard cabbage) but they're not of the kind we find in the market. This is less salty and sour and it's really crunchy.

Egg and rice

In Taiwanese restaurants, the must order usually is sarm pui kai (3 cup chicken literally). My Three Cup Sauces Chicken Set (RM13.50) has the rice and vegetables, braised egg, a small claypot of Three Cup Sauces Chicken plus the tea. The reason the chicken is called 3 cups sauces is the measurement used to cook has one cup each of sesame oil, rice wine and light soy sauce. The version here is very fragrant with the smattering of basil leaves (the Thai kind). This would really go well with rice porridge!

Three Cups Sauces Chicken Set (RM13.50)

The rice portion is really huge for me but I liked the fragrant rice that they used and I actually finished all my rice!!!! o.O including my chicken, egg and drink... indeed a feat for me!

Capt'n Hook who is the one usually finishes his rice but didn't, cos his chicken piece was really too much to handle lol. We noticed at least 2 tables did not manage to finish the chicken too, it was really THAT big piece. I gather that one could actually share 2 sets amongst 3 people. If only BoiBoi is around then it would have been perfect for the 3 of us. Would definitely be back to check out other items, though limited but still could be delicious.

Chyniss which is currently under the blogsphere raves is on the upper level across Formosa, might be the next outlet we would like to try. Then there's Capt'n Hook's favourite crepe snacks KikKok just round the corner from Formosa. So if you're around SS2 and don't want to be stressed out looking for parking, then this mall would have been a better option. Parking is still free at the moment.

Formosa @ SStwo Mall
Lot LG-73 SStwo Mall
Jalan SS2/72
Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours: Mon - Sunday 10.00am - 10.00pm


minchow said...

Free parking! Time to get in and try them all before the crowds descend!! I'm so hungry this minute I bet I can finish two sets all by myself!

Life for Beginners said...

Devil and I are still in our Taiwanese food craze/phase so we'd definitely try this place! Last couple of Taiwanese places we tried were in Kuchai Lama and Fahrenheit88, so maybe it's time to take a trip down to my old haunt SS2! ;)

UnkaLeong said...

Hmmm..I think my date would like to pay this place a visit ;) Do they serve noodles as well?

Little Corner of Mine said...

The chicken piece sure looks big to me. I forwarded the link to my parents and ask them to go try this new place. :)