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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 30 May 2011

Review: The Cream & Fudge Factory @ Suria KLCC

Ever since I've stopped working in the corporate world, I hardly ever step my foot in the golden triangle :p We took a trip to Suria KLCC in early April just cause Capt'n Hook want to check something there. As we walk about, seems like there are a lot of changes that happened the past few months. Some shops have swapped lots, some have gone and in their place, stood new shiny stores.

The Cream & Fudge Factory

One of which is The Cream & Fudge Factory which replaced The Lawn. I've heard the buzz from Jason and was curious since we're big on ice creams, moreover there seems to be quite a lot of people crowding round the kiosk, so it has to be good eh? Anyway this chain started off in Thailand by Global Franchise Architects, a member of Synergia One, owned by renowned Mouawad family.

Capt'n Hook took BoiBoi to grab a seat while I went to the counter to check what they're offering. Managed to get a couple of menus for the boys to browse through. After we have decided on our 2 orders, I went to the counter to order a Banana Chocolate (RM12.90 for one scoop creation) and Rocky Road (RM12.90 for one scoop creation). I opted for our orders to sit on a waffle bowl rather than cone since we're sharing them. I proceed to pay at the cashier and went back to the counter to take a peek even though the cashier mentioned that they'll send over to our table.

What they did at the counter was to scoop the ice cream into this cold plate and mix in the ingredients based on your choices or order. 2 spatulas are used to mix them all up before scooping into cones or bowls before handed over to customers. So I went back to our table and waited for our order.

The Cream & Fudge Factory 02

After about 6-8 minutes later, our order came looking like this...

First served

Did you spot something that is not there?

Yup, you've got it correct... where are our waffle bowls??? I checked my receipt, well just to ensure I did order the correct stuff and yes indeed, the receipt did indicate waffle bowls. Since I sat next to the cashier, I brought the ice creams to her and ask what happen to our waffle bowls? She apologetically told me they have ran out of bowls and she muttered under her breath that those who are taking orders should inform customers about it! She got hold of someone else to see to me and this person explained that it was weekend and they have too many orders that they can't keep up in making the waffle bowls!

OK I know they're new but not like a few days old. If they have been in operation for a few weeks, they should know that weekends traffic tend to be higher hence would have to prepare more than projected. Either that or just tell customers that they have run out of bowls and just sell the ice cream without waffle bowls or cones which actually cost lesser than RM12.90 (RM9.50 one scoop with one mix).

It's not that I'm petty but if I've ordered something on the menu that include one essential item, then they better have the item on it, otherwise you tell your customer that you've run out of waffle bowls and replace it with something or refund the difference in price. Don't just dump the ice cream on the table and walk off!!!

After some "table thumping" :p [actually I was just trying to dramatised the whole post, no table was broken in the process :o)], they finally took our ice cream away to "fix" it.

And so they came back looking like this... much better eh?? Well, I hope they did not "spit" on our ice cream :o) though. Sighhh anyway the ice cream have melted and they just dump onto the cold plate to freeze them up and place onto the waffle bowls. So in the process, mixed in the decorative pieces as well. Looked kinda unappealing, very disappointed. Could have just place some toppings to make up for what happened, but no!

Banana Chocolate (RM12.90)

As for the ice cream, it really doesn't live up to the fuss, or could it be due to our experience that we don't find the ice cream as great? They were bold enough to claim they have the creamiest ice cream on earth but seriously, not in my humble opinion.

Rocky Road (RM12.90)

It's really sad that the country have the tallest, biggest, best in something but yet our customer service level is still lagging far behind especially in the service industry. Operators and managers should buck up  and work on this, otherwise it will leave an unpleasant sour taste.

The Cream & Fudge Factory
Lot K23B, 2nd Floor
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur
Facebook of the Malaysian chapter


Ciki said...

with the weather being so HOT these days.. i feel like having icecream for every meal! Great shot's babe!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

that i got to agree, msia does have somewhat a below par customer service but then again, the pay is low and theres no incentives for smiling more than required.

you get heaps better service in australia bcos they are generally paid quite well, certainly more than minimum wage and dollar for dollar, i believe the minimum wage here is triple that of msia =)

Sean said...

i wonder which company really makes the creamiest ice cream on earth! (i wouldn't mind being the guinea pig to sample all the varieties to find out) :D

Kenny Mah said...

Sounds like a bad experience that may have affected your enjoyment of the ice-cream... or maybe not. Still, worth a try to see if it's worth the fuss. :)

ping said...

That is not right, esp after paying for the waffle bowls. What did they expect? That you're so blur that you won't even notice it's not there?! Cheez! That's outright cheating! (Sorry abt the rant but I really get cheesed off when they treat people like imbeciles!) Grrr!

Simon Seow said...

You should try The Last Polka, not to say the best but their flavours are interesting.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

You're too nice la! I would have rejected the ice cream (the second time around) and demand for my money back. If there's one thing I cannot tolerate, it's bad customer service. ~_~

Babe_KL said...

Thanks C&C

Joe, I seriously think a tipping culture would put these ppl on the wake!

Sean, since you've travelled the world, what say you?

Yeah Kenny, do give it a try and let us know wat ya think

Seriously Ping, I think a lot of customers got "fleeced" that day. The table next to ours just ate theirs without kicking up a fuss!!! I just can't believe it! Not only customer service is lacking, consumer rights also lacking :(

Simon, I did tried Last Polka, other than interesting flavours, they're just another ice cream

Bangsar Babe, I've already stir up some dust there and I do hope they'll buck up. Last Sun I pass by there, very quiet worrr :p

Labuan Boy said...

yes, it seems like in malaysia customer service is not only lacking, but at time crude... i believe it boils down to training and hiring people with the right attitude for the work... if they hate the job so much, they do they stay on with a grumpy face...

Jason said...

Aiyoh, sorry for the bad experience, Babe. I agree with you that they should have told customers beforehand if they ran out of waffles! *sigh*

Perhaps the one at Fahrenheit will be better *finger crossed*

Babe_KL said...

So what can we do Labuan Boy sighhh :(

Jason, very sad situation horrr and I was at Fahrenheit on Sun and dat outlet there "pak wu ying"