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Review: Restoran Mexim Dim Sum @ Kajang


Even though we stayed south of Kuala Lumpur, we hardly venture to Kajang unless it's absolutely necessary like going to the post office to collect registered letters. There were post offices nearer to home but I've no idea why we have to go to the one in Kajang town. Anyway, we just woke up one morning and lazing around... trying to plan what we need to do for the day. One of it well, was to collect a letter from Kajang and since we're going to be there, may as well plan my list of supplies to get from Bagus bakery supply shop for my fruit cakes. The next thing, Capt'n Hook ask me if there's any place to have breakfast around Kajang. With the convenience of having the Macbook next to the bed, I went on to Jon's blog to check what's on offer around Kajang town and I hit jackpot with Restoran Mexim Dim Sum.

We got up and took a slow drive there. Ahhhh finally found the restaurant which located along the same row as Restoran Malaysia (Nyuk Lan Kajang Satay). Parking is a huge problem here even though it was on a weekday that we need to go round another huge round thru the town just in time for someone to vacate a slot in front of Restoran Malaysia. We were there on another weekend and it's equally as bad.

Anyway, the servers will bring the trays of steamed and deep fried dim sums. Just take your pick. Items like loh mai gai (steamed glutinous rice), baos, chu cheung fun (steamed rice rolls) and century egg porridge have to be ordered separately. Then order your drinks which of course Chinese tea would be most suitable to "wash away" the oiliness. Other than various types of Chinese tea, there are a couple of leung char (herbal tea) on offer.

Steamed dim sum baskets for selection

We have the usual items like steamed deep fried fish balls which is really bouncy with fish paste, not filled with flour. Xiu Mai totally filled with fresh minced pork! Other items either have minced pork or bouncy large shrimps which I believed bicarbonate soda is used but I'm not complaining when the shrimp is fresh!


Bamboo rolls

Xiu mai

A type of dim sum

As Capt'n Hook dug into his loh mai gai, after one bite... he declared that it was the most authentic loh mai gai ever! It reminded us of loh mai gai of our childhood days that is filled with a piece of chicken with bone, a slice of char siu, a large slice of lap cheung (Chinese sausage) and some pork bits. The glutinous rice texture is done perfectly... soft but yet retained the chewiness.

Loh mai gai

My char siu chu cheung fun is smooth and slippery but not the best though. Portion a little small too.

Chu cheung fun

Then we have the deep fried items like fu chuk rolls that are crispy on the outside filled with fish paste. Yeung Ngai Gua (brinjal stuffed with fish paste)... need I say more??? Just look at the amount of fish paste! Nice stuff!

Deep fried fu chuk

Stuffed brinjal

Woo Koo (Yam puffs) have fluffy skins, not oily at all. Can taste the yam and so much of moist char siu fillings inside!

Woo kok (yam puffs)

I was wondering how their baos would fare so I packed one dai bao (big bao), a couple of char siu baos, sang yuk baos and dau sar baos (red bean paste). The baos generally have very fluffy skin that does not stick to your teeth when one bite on them and not too thick with generous fillings.

Again the dai bao here is very old school. They really do have fillings like quartered hard boiled egg, a piece of chicken, mince meat with turnip slices and large piece of lap cheung so unlike other places where one could only find one clump of fatty minced meat!

Dai Bao

Dai Bao - halved

Char siu bao is top grade here with fair amount of fatty bits. Loved the sang yuk baos and the dau sar baos (sorry no pics).

Char Siu Bao

There's a Mexim branch in Seri Kembangan and Taman Connaught as stated on the plastic bag but I know the Taman Connaught one is closed and replaced with another restaurant. Prices are extremely reasonable with most of the items seen here priced at RM2.80 per plate. There is an item priced at RM4, hmmm which could be the dai bao???

We totally loved our discovery of one of the better dim sum place around with rather authentic fillings and flavours... totally old school that reminded us of how dim sum were like during our childhood days! Thanks to Jon for the wonderful intro ;-)

Restoran Mexim Tim Sum
15 Jalan Semenyih
43000 Kajang
Tel: 603 8733 3052


  1. i remember also seeing another mexim branch, in puchong, a few years back, but dunno if it's still around. i live kinda south of kl too (at sri petaling), but i've never eaten at kajang before! not even kajang satay :D

  2. The black loh mai kai certainly made my mouth water. I also miss the fish balls, I don't know why the dim sum restaurants here don't serve fish balls. Strange eh?

  3. Sean, how can??? LOL must try at least the satay!

    LCOM, now I also feel like eating loh mai kai kekeke. Is it because it's hard to find the correct fish to make fish balls at your area?

  4. Loh Mai Gai looks a cut above! Must plan Expedisi Kajang one of these weekends! I hear there's a really choice organic food shop around the area too!

  5. wah! looks damn authentic worrr.. we must go;)

  6. i saw a mexim in klang... same chain ah?

  7. Min, I heard there's one at Sg Chua but I so hate the traffic jam there!

    C&C, come come!!!

    Lanatir, no idea ler, I will check when I go there again

  8. PS - glad you liked it. It's actually better that the Mexim at Taman Connought. Not sure if they're part of a chain but they are pretty good by Kajang standards. We especially like the siew mai and the kai keok (chicken feet).


  9. Mexim in Connaught belongs to them but has already closed. They hv one at Seri Kembangan too. Now I hv to check if Klang belongs to them or not.

  10. the mexim branch in kajang serves crap..the hargow skins were extremely hard n chewy, and to make things worse when i visited the toilet i passed by their kitchen...most unsanitary...they need a visit from a health inspector...the rest of the tim sum were lukewarm and were not even mediocre..highly unrecommended...if u pass it in kajang dont b fooled by the endless stream of diners, they dont know better...this is an example of if u follow the herd u will be disappointed..sorely disappointed...


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