Friday, 11 February 2011

Review: Kedai Satay Xiang Ji (Jonker Satay) @ Malacca


We were in Malacca back in November for a short trip to attend a wedding. I got hold of Lanatir to give me some directions on where and what to eat but it's really too bad that we did not have much time to go round looking for the places he had recommended. There was this satay place, Kedai Satay Xiang Ji (Jonker Satay), that we wanted to try and we decided to check the place out after our walkabout around Jonker Street and the city. We drove pass and saw the shutters were down!!! I sms Lanatir and he couldn't believed that it was closed!!! Sighhhh... so we drove off to the hotel as it was getting a little late.

Xiang Ji

The next day, after the wedding reception in the afternoon, Capt'n Hook had wanted to drop by at Jonker Street again before we head home. We have to drive pass Xiang Ji and I saw half the shutters were down. Capt'n Hook stopped the car and I got down to enquire. Woooohooooo it seems they were taking some orders for take-away and could accommodate my orders for 30 sticks of pork satay. Yes only pork satay was available at that time and we can count how lucky we were. Apparently, the entire family has taken the week off for a holiday to China, hence the shop was shut. They were partly opened that Sunday as they have taken a large take-away order. Since there were excess sticks so that's how I got my 30 sticks! I'm not sure who these elderly couples were but they mentioned their boss and family have gone for holiday, were they staff or were they the owners?

Fanning satay

With the charcoal fire roaring away assisted by the Uncle's hand powered fan, my order was quickly grilled up. We could not resist the smell of the satay even though we were stuffed from the luncheon so we each have a few sticks. Whoaaaaa so nice and fragrant even without the peanut dip! There isn't much fatty parts but yet each bite is tender and are well spiced with amongst others lemongrass and tumeric.

Raw pork satay

Grilling in progress

We heated the remainder sticks up when we were back home in the microwave oven and ate them with the peanut sauce. I really couldn't care much of the sauce even though it's nice (since I really loved peanuts in anything and everything :p) cos the satay alone is already very delicious!

Pork Satay

Now I understand why I've seen pictures of people queuing up to have a go at this satay place cos the pork satay is really awesome (I can't help it but to use the word here as Capt'n Hook really detest this word *chuckle*) here! If I'm not wrong, each stick is 60 sens.

Kedai Satay Xiang Ji (Jonker Satay)
50, Jalan Portugis,
Tel: 019 667 8868
Pretty near to Jonker Street, opposite SRJK Pay Teck
Coordinates: N2 11.980 E102 14.801
Opening hours: 12.00pm - 5.30pm


  1. hihihi...would you blame me if i prefer indo sate? i am indonesian after all and grew up with sate flavors which are different. but i can still enjoy them and always get satay every time i travel to malaysia heheheh

  2. the sauce has pineapple in it as well... perfect enzymes for pork. match made in heaven.

    and if u use that adjective again, i won't give u more tips!!!! :P

    Rita, this pork satay is Hainanese style. the flavour is very different from the Malay ones.

  3. lol. you need a "like" button like facebook. This happens to be my fav satay place as well.

  4. great pork satay! one of the food i miss the most from my marvelous hometown of malacca. though when i was growing up, i believe the satay was about 35 sen per stick :D also love the pork liver satay variety...

  5. LOL lanatir, you too ka hahaha

    perhaps I can embed that in but need to find out more NekoHime :D

    Sean, you're so lucky to have so much delicious food in your hometown!


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