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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Review: Sushi Zen @ The Gardens

**Pork Free**

Of late, BoiBoi has taken a liking to Japanese food especially sushi. His fave is inari even though he has tried a bit of this and that. I'm glad at least now he has one more item added into his reply whenever we asked him what we would like to eat. It's very refreshing indeed after the same old replies of spaghetti, pasta or fried rice!

Cha Soba

In one of our recent dinner trip to Ichiban Boshi, as usual he would go for his sushi plates and gyoza. When my cold soba arrived, he was looking at me curiously on how I ate the noodles even though I've ordered this numerous times. I offered him a bite, letting him doing all the work. After lifting the strands of noodles from the soba tsuyu and into his mouth, the sentence that rang out was utmost sweet... "hmmmmm nice". Ever since that experience, I think he's really hooked! So far he got us detoured at least a couple of times just to have cold soba and over a period of 1.5 weeks, he had them thrice!

Last weekend, we were in The Gardens cos someone wanted to get his leopard from Machines. Come dinner time, BoiBoi says he wanted to eat cold soba. We usually visit Sushi Zanmai but their queue is almost always rather long be it at 1U or The Gardens. Remembering there is a Sushi Zen at the lower ground level, we headed there instead. After all, both of them are from the same operator, SuperSushi, which was spawn off from Rakuzen.

Ahhh no queue... perfect but we have to wait for a short while for them to clear a table. Capt'n Hook and I spotted the banner promoting their Bento for the month of May and we both went... wahhhh really value for money!

BoiBoi have his usual Cha Soba (small portion RM8.80) and Chicken Gyoza (RM9.80). He slurped his noodles happily. The chicken gyoza to me is just so so and have very little fillings.

Chicken Gyoza (RM9.80)

Capt'n Hook placed the order for the Bento of the month which costed only RM28.80. Actually I didn't want to eat but I'm kiasu not to be outdone... I followed him and order the bento as well :p BIG mistake cos when the food arrived I knew I'm screwed. The portion is really like a lot, even the so called mini udon is to me... is normal!

Part ofMay  Bento Set (RM28.80)

The entire bento set consists of chawan mushi, a bowl of fresh salad, bento box that contained lots of goodies (will get to that later) and a bowl of mini hot udon in soup. Loved the light eggy custard and has lots of ingredients in there when you dig deep. The bowl of udon can be just my main course as it's rather a big portion!

More from May Bento

The bento box contained 3 tempura pieces - inoki mushrooms, prawn and salmon! The last one was a bit of a surprise and under the tempura batter, I saw an orangey shade which I thought is the usual sweet potato. In the box there were also 2 large pieces of tamago, 1 shishamo (pregnant fish), 1 piece of chicken karaage (deep fried), a bunch of edamame beans, a piece of cold tofu wrapped in raw salmon, 2 pieces of gyoza and 7 various types of sushi. You tell me, a lot or not for RM28.80?

Tempura + sushi + tofu + gyoza + shishamo + karaage + tamago+ edamame

Heh not only I struggled so did Capt'n Hook. We ended up asking for take away container to pack up most of the sushi and tamago pieces.

We paid RM89.95 for all the above items plus 2 cups of hot ocha after the additional 5% Government Tax and 10% service charge.

Pardon the photo quality as it's taken with my SE W800i.

Sushi Zen
LG-K02 Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Linkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 9492 3080


Sean said...

ya, that box looks like it's enough for two people to share!
your kid really likes carbs, heheh :D

J said...

My goodness - that is quite a lot for <30 bucks... :D

What do you think tho? Here better (tastewise) or Sakae Sushi? :)

Kenny Mah said...

I am with BoiBoi - I never understood the fuss about cold soba till I actually tried it - now I'm hooked! :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, it sure looks a lot. Everything looks delicious though, my stomach is growling.

Babe_KL said...

Sean, i forgot to mention he's also into duck and chicken thighs :p and ice creams for protein!

J, shhhh dun tell Sakae, of course it's supersushi group :p

Kenny, hehe you can now sit together with BoiBoi and enjoy cold soba together by slurping loud loud!

LCOM, yeah too much, should have shared

Ciki said...

ur son has great taste. the no.1 shot, that's my fav noodles too;)

choi yen said...

the bento simply can feed 2 small eater ler..

Babe_KL said...

C&C, kids these days are darn fortunate :p

mimi, totally agreed but we tham jiak!

Unknown said...

imma a huge fan of Japanese food! glad u enjoy it!

jen from