Friday 21 May 2010

Chocolate Guinness Cake Is Now Known As Black Velvet

Black Velvet Cupcakes

Thanks to the Munkey, the Chocolate Guinness Cake is christened with a new name - Black Velvet! It's very apt as it is really dark and moist cake.

Black Velvet

I've turned the recipe into cupcakes, just need to reduce the baking time to about 20 mins for the large Soufflé cups or 15 mins for the small Soufflé cups. Happy baking!

p/s: The white cups you see in the pic are known as Soufflé cups when I searched for the proper name but I think it's known as muffin cups here.


  1. i love the name!!! elegant and nice :)

  2. Oh, I won't mind meeting this delicious, dark stranger in a cafe sometime... ;)

  3. The perfect cupcake - chocolatey and alcoholic! :D

  4. wow...really got guiness taste in it?

    thanks for ur wishes...i din know kissaten got a outlet in jaya one ... first time dining and hope i can do a review on their restaurant as i like their food very much...

  5. Jules, huge Guinness fan huh?

    aiwei, thanks to Qwazy Monkey

    Kenny, errm perhaps only in non-halal cafe :p next time i make again if there's any more FBB party

    J, ;-) psst I snooped around and some used peanut butter icing!

    vialentino, just a faint hint of Guinness but very chocolatey!

    TNG, you missed this at the pool partay!

  6. So now, they have a name - Black Velvet!

  7. Give me a call and prob I will come from my place to taste this. Priceless...


  8. Peanut butter icing?? *droooooool*

  9. yeah tigerfish. sounded more apt we think

    sure sure can be arrange ok Wilson

    yes J, i will experiment on that first

  10. fulamak! Guinnesss? i not greedy, one piece will do..:D

  11. looks like a cool place! find us out on food photography :)

  12. holy moly! that looks deliciously good!!!

    jen from

  13. Wah, so honoured you picked my suggestion for the cake. Think I'll attempt to make the cake myself today. Wish me luck!


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