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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 20 February 2006

This Is My Refrigerator!!!

I mean the content!!!

I remembered there was a one time meme sometime last year in the food blogsphere but just like umami, I can't really recall who started it. umami had featured her two fridges in December and I was thinking why not showing mine off. These pictures were taken just a few days before Chinese New Year. I have got quite a large fridge judging that there are only two adults and one pre-schooler at home. I think its more than 500+L in size.


Check out the fridge portion. Filled to the brim with Tupperware since I'm a Tupperware lady hehehehe... I have more in my kitchen cabinets, adui kekekeke... I stored all sorts of sauces, medicines, vegetables, fruits, drinks, cheeses etc in here.


I usually have a rather empty freezer but because we have a week off during Chinese New Year, I stocked up on some meat and fish (my boiboi's cod fish). Nope no prawns this year cos the price was exhorbitant! I do not usually make and store my ice cubes in the containers that came with the fridge. I've them inside the dark blue ice-cream tub.

There... this is my fridge, care to show yours?


Dragon City said...

wow..u really utilize ur fridge.. hmm..going to post mine too.. ^_^

Babe_KL said...

let me know when you post your pic ok, dragon city :D

Dragon City said...

babe_kl, i had just posted the photo..have a visit over. ^_^

bibliobibuli said...

your fridge is really organised!!!! mine is a disaster zone but the mould comes in pretty colours