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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Review: Adai Village Fish Head

My colleague brought me to this shop for lunch once and I have been going back there since to savour the delicious fish head noodles (yue thau mai) whenever hubby or I have a craving for one. This dai tzau (literally big stir fry, a term started a few years back as a place that cook all sorts of Chinese stir fry dishes for rice or noodles) shop called Adai Village Fish Head, is located opposite Pudu Plaza. Just look for the 7-11 convenient store and Adai is located 2 shops away in the same row.

The reason why we loved to go for the fish head noodles here is we can opt for fish slices instead of fish head. Since both hubby and I are not fish head lover as it's a tad tough having to suck the meat off the bones, this is really a boon to us. One can opt for plain fish slices or deep fried fish slices. This time I asked for deep fried fish slices which you can see in the bowl below. Yeah... lots of slices you can see there. Adai has always been generous with their ingredients. Other ingredients in the bowl were sliced ginger (to get rid of the fishy smell), tomatoes, harm choy (pickled green mustard) and of course thick rice noodles (tzhou mai fun). The soup is kinda whitish because the addition of evaporate milk into the soup just before serving. Since we both liked the soup, we usually leave this place with an empty bowl.

adai fish head mai fun

The next item I loved to order is the tzing zhau mai which if I'm not mistaken its a version of Singapore Stir Fried Rice Noodles. Again you can see the generous amount of ingredients on the plate which are basically squid, sliced fish, shrimps, loads of cabbage and sliced red chillies. Adai's version had enough of wok hei (heat of a wok) and their version do not used any chilli nor tomato sauce. It's simply divine!

adai sing chau mai

Prices here are pretty reasonable where small portion of noodles averaging between RM6.00 - RM7.00. If you're around in the vicinity or craving for some fantabulous yue thau mai, do give Adai a try and I can bet with you that you'll crave for more. Here's the phone number and address in case you got lost.


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