Thursday 21 February 2013

Mandarin Oranges Popsicle

Hullo... yes I know, it has been a while. It hasn't been a good start to the year of snake for us at least. Boi Boi had a bout of acute tonsillitis over the entire first week of Chinese New Year (CNY) with 3 doctor visits slotted in between. On the 2nd day, we had to take him to A&E when his ulcers grew a big as 20 sens coin and his temperature hovers and at times fluctuates to 38.6C. It was so bad to the point that I had to wake up every hour just to check his temperature.

The MO had wanted to admit him but we refused since we just need to have his antibiotic changed. He was kinda worried and made us to promise to bring Boi Boi to come back and visit the pediatrician on the 4th day when he opens for business.

A&E was so crowded on 2nd day of CNY, waited for 2 hours

It just took the very very experienced pediatrician (btw he's in his early 70s) one look to confirm his situation and to prescribe the correct antibiotic. The poor boy had to take 2 types of them! Luckily he was still up and about in high spirits... waking up early and sleeping later than usual *roll eyes*

By the 6th day, the ulcers have mostly cleared up and that's when he really gets to eat. The past few days have been challenging of just eating cold food ranging from dipping bread in cold milk, yoghurt with soft fruits, ice cream and cold somen and soba noodles. No complains though cos they love them all.

As for us, the adults, we were practically house arrested for that week with no visitation nor feasting, not even to pai nien with my parents until the 6th day of CNY! You can imagine the amount of CNY goodies stacked in the house!

We have 4 boxes of mandarin oranges (some were gifts) and many of them started to rot until I cleared my fridges as the week go along which I managed to finally stuff all of them into the fridge. They should be able to keep for a long while more in there!

Every year, there's always this headache on how to clear them up and last year I decided to turn some into popsicles. Super easy except the pain of removing the slight bitter membrane to extract the mandarin segments. One just need the mandarin orange segments and juice. The ratio of these 2 would depends entirely to you. If you love more bite, more segments then.

Stuff the mandarin oranges segments into popsicles molds before pouring some of the juice. Store in freezer for a few hours and voila... something to cool down the Chinese New Year heat.

Mandarin Oranges Popsicles

So any other ideas to use these mandarin oranges up?


  1. I hope he feels better soon! u must be relieved to know he is getting there.

    How abt mandarin jam?

  2. ingenious! care to help me clear mine? haha :P


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