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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 14 January 2013

Vegemite CheesyBite Spaghetti

Cheesy Bite Spag 02

Ok I know, this is kinda lame cos there's simply no recipe in this recipe :p

I saw this recipe on Nigella Lawson's but her version used Marmite, the very English version of a savoury yeast extract spread. Since I have a bottle of CheesyBite (a spinoff by Down Under brand Vegemite that contains cream cheese), I decided to use that instead. In Kuala Lumpur, you should be able to find Vegemite and Cheesy Bite at Cold Storage, Village Grocer or Jaya Grocer.

Just cook spaghetti until al dente, drain (reserve some of the water) and toss in some CheesyBite and a little of the reserved water. Since CheesyBite is not as salty as Vegemite alone, don't be surprised that you might need quite a number of teaspoons. Adjust the saltiness by adding a little by little of the CheesyBite and taste as you go along. Finish off with some grated parmesan. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I got love in my tummy!

Cheesy Bite Spag

Erm when it comes to Marmite/Vegemite, it's either you hate it or love it!!! So tell me whether you love or hate it???

Oh and I just realised this is good for a meatless Monday!


Kelly Siew said...

Ooooh! That's a good idea! I can imagine the umaminess already. :D

dropsofcontentment said...

Yum, have so many fond memories of Marmite as a kid. Never once had it with pasta or noodles though!

Sean said...

i used to hate marmite when i was younger, cos my grandfather would sometimes pressure me to eat it, since he loved it. now i kinda like it, which is a bit bittersweet, since my grandfather's no longer around =)

daphne said...

To me, I loved it! I have a big jar of vegemite so would love to try this out one day!

Babe_KL said...

Hahaha yes Kelly, it is indeed

Me too Drops of Contentment, not until I read it in Nigella's book

Sean, yeah my mother would fed us plain congee with just marmite or sometimes just mix with hot water with a little drizzle of garlic oil as soup!

Yay *hi5* Daphne

Ciki said...

it's ok if there's no recipe.. it still looks good ! yum