Tuesday 19 June 2012

Review: Devi's Corner Banana Leaf Rice @ Bangsar Baru

**Pork Free**

I've been told numerous counts that I must go Devi's Corner to check out their banana leaf rice. Seems like Devi's Corner over at Bangsar Baru is THE place for banana leaf rice (BLR). We have been to Devi's Corner for the regular Indian meals but never upstairs for BLR. BLR is sort of like a rice set with various vegetables, condiments and curries served on a piece of banana leaf.

Capt'n Hook used to frequent Nirwana Maju which is a stone throw away for his fix of BLR if he's in that area. However things do go down hill sometimes. Their service is not up to mark these days with our favourite server had gone home. Noodles and rotis - not up to mark, even their dishes in the bain marie doesn't excite him anymore.

We decided to give Devi's Corner a try once and the rest is really history. If you're there during lunch hours, don't be surprised the tables are jammed pack here. Service is fast and attentive.

Devi's Corner

On this visit, we went simple. BLR (RM7 per set) and just plain old deep fried chicken (RM5 per piece) and fried ikan tenggiri (mackerel, RM7 per piece).  Yup, sounds like an expensive affair but seriously if you are used to shop for fresh ingredients these days be it at the wet market or supermarket, you'll understand how much food prices have increased! It's really insane.

For the BLR set, it's a vegetarian affair. I'm not familiar with the condiments' names but there's a potato curry dish, a super delish brinjal dish and my fave spinach dish; then there's the deep fried gourd, cucumber in yoghurt and 2 types of chutneys. For an additional RM1 you can opt for Indian rice (which is par boiled rice). One can asked for refills of rice and any of the condiments. The server will come with his curry cylinders so just lash on any curry or curries for the matter onto your rice. I liked dhal and fish curry! The curries are not hot to my taste bud but loved the spices. Reason that I opted for fish curry is because it's a tangy sort of curry due to addition of tomatoes. Nice.

Banana Leaf Rice

The chicken is crispy on the outside whilst inside is still moist, perfectly fried indeed. Same goes to the fish which is marinade with turmeric powder.

Deep fried chicken & fish

Washed down with a thick and creamy Mango Lassi (RM6 per glass).

Mango Lassi

I'm not a rice person and do not like to stuff myself with too much of rice, so for me to enjoy a banana leaf rice, it's kind of a rare affair. I would asked for little rice that the server will give me a hard stare lol. For this time at Devi's Corner, nope I did not ask to add more rice but instead I had more rice than my usual portion as you can see in the pic above. I did ask for more condiments though even though I'm so stuffed... hehe the greed in me can't help but to ask for second helpings of brinjal and spinach. Oh so yum!

Devi's Corner
14 Jalan Telawi 4,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2282 7591
Opens 24 hours (great huh???)
(Same row as Papparich & MooCow)


  1. gosh, yikes to the price for the fried chicken. but ya, i've not been shopping for my own raw food in a very long time, and i didn't realize the price increases had been so steep...

  2. Looks delicious! Made me crave for some Indian food.


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