Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Char Siu Wantan Mee (Noodles) @ Restoran Meng Shiang, Taman Yulek


I've heard and read so much about the char siu (bbq pork) over at this corner coffee shop named Restoran Meng Shiang in Taman Cheras/Yulek but never got round to it. The thing most people complaint about was the waiting time. Since we were passing by here on a weekday, we gave it a try. Took a look inside the double-lot coffee shop, doesn't seems pack and we managed to grab a table near this stall.

This stall sells char siu wantan mee (noodles), it's nearly 12.30pm and thank goodness there were char siu strips hanging at the glass display. Later on, we saw one of the staff bringing out more char siu strips wooohooo. We put in our order of one small and one medium, surprisingly our noodles came within 15 minutes instead of the standard waiting time of 45 minutes.

This was my one-portion noodles. Loved the generous amount of char siu that were glistening in full glory of the caramalised sweet and sticky marinade. What I liked is it's not sickly sweet kind and they are not fatty. Plus I got char siu thau (head) part of the strip. Yes I know it's not healthy to have the charred bits, I guess once a while should be ok? And this is my kinda of a perfect char siu wantan mee where the noodles were cooked al dente retaining the bite whilst not tasting heavy of alkaline that is used to make the noodles. The dark sauce must have the right balance of oil, dark soy sauce and light soy sauce with a slight hint of sesame oil which this stall have nailed it to the T!

Char Siu Wantan meen

My benchmark is Koon Kee and this stall really matched up, if not better! The 3 pieces of wantan - nothing to shout about though but the char siu, noodles and the sauces combi were excellent.


This is Capt'n Hook's one and a half portion (medium) noodles (sorry pic a bit blur cos I need to hurry up and tuck in :p).

Char Siu Wantan Meen medium

I gather the elusive waiting time must be for weekends. We also noticed that the chicken rice stall next to them also belonged to the same family. The display of steamed chicken, siu yuk (roast pork) and char siu, has very little offering left. The wife manned the noodles stall whilst the husband took care of the rice stall. Meanwhile, the daughter takes in order and stuffing the wantan with minced pork mixture.

Restoran Meng Shiang is just a stone throw away from A Wet Thai Cafe and opposite the 3-shoplots Restoran Hau Kee.

Restoran Meng Shiang
1 & 3, Jalan Kas Kas 2
Taman Cheras (Taman Yulek)
Kuala Lumpur


  1. ah, do you usually hang around in the cheras area? :D

  2. I got caught in the "long waiting time" many times before.. even not on so busy days, it takes a good 30 mins before we get our noodles.

  3. gosh, taman yulek is one of those areas that i've heard of from time to time, but i've never ventured there. i guess it's my loss, since i do love char siew :D

  4. I was surprised at the generous amount of char siew too! Haha...like the one we serve at home instead of the one selling at the stall. Looks delicious!

  5. Michelle, my MIL lives in Cheras :p

    Baby Sumo, wow we must be very lucky then!!!

    Sean, use your GPS and head over. It's not far from town or from your home! You missed out too many goodies in this area.

    LCOM, ya lor. I'm craving for some now :(


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