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Review: Canoodling & Ricetaurant

The BIG group's empire does not stop short at Western food. You may find Asian fares at both Canoodling and Ricetaurant at Bangsar Village II. Canoodling focused on all things noodles, whilst Ricetaurant serves various rice dishes on top of dishes that goes with steamed white rice. The best part of this combo is that they are situated next to each other, hence you can cross order from each other's menus.

We have been here several times and we find both outlets served quite good food even though the price may be a little high as compared to hawkers or dai chow (big stir-fry) shops. Dining in air-cond with comfort does come with a price ;-)


If you were to sit over at Canoodling side, you'll be peppered by bright yellow and black utensils and decor items. Where else over at Ricetaurant side it's silver, black and red. Totally dig the menu that came like school exercise book! The kitchens are enclosed in glass where you can actually have a look at how your food is being cooked here.


On one visit, I had a hearty bowl of Braised Beef Brisket Noodles (RM13.90). The broth is peppered with spices like star anise and cloves, thin slices of brisket and tripe. Loved the slight bouncy texture of the tendon.

Braised Beef Brisket Noodles (RM13.90)

Capt'n Hook had Thai Belachan Mango Fried Rice (RM13.90) which as usual, I have a little bite. This fried rice is not too bad eh, filled with wok hei (breath of a wok) but I personally like the belachan (shrimp paste) to be slightly stronger though.

Thai Belachan Mango Fried Rice (RM13.90)

There is an addition of Four King Belachan Vegetables (RM12.90) which surprisingly came up tops in terms of wok hei and sambal belachan used to stir fry the vegetables (French beans, ladyfingers, brinjal & onions) which can beat quite a number of dai chow places! Our only complaint is the brinjal sticks were sliced a bit too wide.

Four King Belachan Vegetables (RM12.90)

Capt'n Hook tried the Bubur Cha Cha (RM4.90) but was displeased with the sago that clumps together otherwise this would be something that could satisfy Capt'n Hook's craving. Mid way into this, a tiny piece of plastic was discovered. We informed the staff about both the clumpy sago and the plastic piece. We were offered a replacement but declined since we're quite full already. Coincidently, one of their management staff was seated nearby going through the restaurants stuff with the chef. We went by to say hello and feedback to her about the bubur cha cha and in general. We were glad that their chef had actually told her about the clumpy sago moments ago seeking for a solution. Talk about being efficient! Anyway, we have a great chat with her and glad to say that she welcomed all our feedbacks with open arms. When we leave, she said she's going to order the Four King Belachan Vegetables to spot check on the kitchen lol.

Another time, I ordered the Lemongrass Chicken Chop & Fried Egg with Rice (RM15.90) from the One Plate menu which come with soup and dessert. The soup came piping hot and seriously tasted homemade. On that day, a Monday, ABC soup was served and we both concurred that the soup has been boiling for hours that made it so tummy warming. My dish came very quickly actually, like within 3 sips of my soup upon serving. The chicken chop is tender but the lemongrass marinade is a little too mild to my tastebud.

ABC Soup

Lemongrass Chicken Chop & Fried Egg with Rice (RM15.90)

Capt'n Hook who used to like Delicious (formerly owned by The Big Group which is now sold to E&O) nasi ulam & ayam percik and was delighted to find the same dish here. Ayam Percik and Salted Egg with Nasi Ulam (RM19.90) also comes under the One Plate menu.

Ayam Percik and Salted Egg with Nasi Ulam (RM19.90)

Dessert served on that day was Mung Bean Sweet Soup which tasted like homemade.

Mung Bean Sweet Soup

Pleased to note that both Canoodling and Ricetaurant are pork free. We're glad that there's finally some good Asian food found inside Bangsar Village II, well of course other than the super delicious fried hokkien mee at Reunion Restaurant (which so happens to be formerly owned by The Big Group too!).

2F-29, Bangsar Village 2
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu 
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2287 1566
Daily Opening Hours: 12noon – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm


  1. The food look pretty good. That's a lot of chili padi in one plate. :)

  2. It's noodle time! Happy holidays dear babeKL!

  3. the braised beef brisket noodles sound good! didn't realize they would have actual tripe in it! hey, this might be the only tripe-serving outlet in bangsar village, heheh :D

  4. I'm glad you had a better experience there than I did. Went with a couple of friends and was actually quite disappointed ... taste and price wise. The service was ok. The part we enjoyed most was the piece of paper they had as placemats for one to doodle on. We had some fun there (2nd childhood) and distracted us from being too disappointed. :D

  5. Must remember to check this place out the next time I'm in Bangsar! Food looks very home-cooked.

  6. LCOM, hahaha actually cili padi seems to be quite a norm these days as the red chillies are very expensive!

    Thanks C&C

    Totally Sean!

    Ping, sorry to hear that and I'm surprised service was ok cos at times they can be not so attentive

    PureGlutton, yeah do check out Ricetaurant... it's really not bad at all


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