Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Review: Cold Storage's Scones

When you're too lazy (like me), or lack of equipments or *cough cough* skills to churn out a batch of delicious and fluffy scones, do not fret. You can head to the nearest Cold Storage's bakery to grab a packet of scones just like this...

Cold Storage Scones package

Only RM2.39 for 3 fairly large round pieces... you'll get buttery and fluffy scones with lots of raisins in there. Mind you they really tasted quite good and for that price, I'm not complaining after tasting expensive and horrible scones especially in Cameron Highlands. Just need to slap on some butter or clotted cream and strawberry jam!

Cold Storage Scones

Last week, I so happened to check out the Cold Storage's bakery at KLCC and I found breads and pastries from Riche Montana (can be found at South City Plaza where they have nice stuff but quite heavy on the pocket) and Mrs MacGregor. Very surprisingly indeed. Well time is indeed changing!

p/s: The comments will be moderated from today onwards cos I can't stand anymore spams from Japanese/Chinese/Law Firm!!!


  1. Nice. I had some freshly baked scones courtesy of my best friend and her snazzy weekend baking skills on Sunday. Me a happy scone-eater! :)

  2. After some bad scones experiences in Cameron these looks good.

  3. yeah im surprised tat cold storage breads are quite good too! no more to gardenia! hehe

  4. Wah. Very worth it!
    (And looks so yummy with the butter and jam ooooozing out....)

  5. I am lazy...and yet to meet a scone that I could fall in love with...hmm, still waiting for that day :)

    You're lucky to find these gems!

  6. I like it so much too. But i thought it is RM2.99 for 3.. I guess i never get the same price which you got.. ei... how come ar???

  7. I like it so much too. But i thought it is RM2.99 for 3.. I guess i never get the same price which you got.. ei... how come ar???

  8. what about local law firm?? hahaha.. my wife operates one :P
    as a matter of fact, scones are never a favourite thing to eat (for me)... but Jenn is a sucker for those stuff. I wonder why

  9. pity u, I'm facing same problem with u, many spams from Japanese =.="

  10. but comment moderation takes away the spontaneity of comments ma...even if the japanese law firms spam you, you can delete later what.
    2.40 for 3 scones is dirt cheap. wonder how they make money.

  11. slurrrpssss.... RM2.39 is Very good deal ~ Are all cold storage selling? Have u heard of lavender's earl grey scone? I was told its good too...

  12. I don't think I see them in Cold Storage in Singapore.

  13. cheap wor....from cold storage sumore.nice

  14. Kenny, you're so lucky to have someone bake for you!

    worldwindows, guarantee better than those in CH

    ;-) Joe *hi5*

    Rita, have you tried baking your own?

    Sandy, I've no idea but I don't remember paying close to RM3 for these. are you mistaken them for Nature's Bake rock buns?

    leo, means you haven't eaten good scones before??? :p it's time we shld change that kekeke

    mimi >.<

    FBB, yeah i know but I really dun hv the choice now cos it's getting like a LOT. i supposed they get bulk priced ingredients, so it can be cheaper, plus can use up near expiring butter and flour :p

    mel, i havnt, lemme check one day. thanks.

    tigerfish, i guess not all countries operate the same way huh?

    vialentino, remember to add this in your shopping list!

  15. price now RM2.80. Got it from Jaya One cold Storage..and got to admit, it is one of the good ones in the market minus the cream and jam.

    Am looking for the cold storage recipe.. anyone got it?


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