Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Swee San's Lemony Cheesecake

Sighhh as if with the cough is not enough, I've now contracted Conjunctivitis. 3 more days medical leave was given by my doctor to prevent me from spreading to anyone in the office which means I gotta stay away from boiboi too. Arrrghhh!!! Sighhhh it's so boring staying at home and it's so hot too! Hard to open my eyes wide wide as there are some sticky discharge. Hopefully I should be better by tomorrow.

A couple of weeks ago I've made a Lemony biscuit based cheesecake using Swee San's (of A Self-Proclaimed Foodaholic) recipe. Like she have said, it's an easy peasy recipe and I actually trusted her that this is good stuff! It's no kidding ok cos it was really good. Guinea pigs also told me it was good haha but I need a proper pie tart mold as those I have were either too big or too small for the recipe. I ended up making two of them in smaller containers and both have fillings over-flowing the biscuit base but luckily they were thick enough to hold the shape. Head on here to check out her recipe.

lemon cheesecake

I can't wait for more recipes from her. Swee San had just reached Sydney to pursue a course in Le Cordon Bleu and don't forget to check out all those delicious goodies she churned out everyday!!! Wished I'm her neighbour in Sydney so that she can feed me those goodies everyday she brought back from class haha. Thanks sweetie for the wonderful recipe.

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