Monday, 22 February 2010

Review: Chef Tony's Popcorn

Our blog reader, S, sent me an email asking me to review a tub of popcorn originating from Philippines and in return, he just needed our honest opinion of the popcorn as he was researching and considering to bring them to Malaysia.

Well, since I loved the food that Capt'n Hook used to bring back from Manila, Philippines, I did not hesitate to give it a go. S promptly delivered a tub of Chef Tony's Vanilla flavoured popcorn to my office whom I did not have a chance to say hi, thanks and bye to him as he had to hurry off to a meeting.

He had explained to me that Chef Tony's popcorn is not the ordinary ones we get at our local cinemas. He said these are gourmet popcorn!!! Wow amazing isn't it? Popcorn can go up to such level!

First up, since it was nearing Christmas, the 500g tub he gave me came in a Christmas gift box which looked so good. Hahaha who would have thought to give popcorn as gifts! Fabulous! I really salute the Filipinos as they're always very creative when it comes to packaging.

chef's tony collage

Inside the box lies the tub of airtight popcorn. Seems like serious business as it came with a tamper proof seal.

Chef Tony's Popcorn

The tub even came with instructions on how to open the tub!

Chef Tony's opening instructions

After opening the tub, a sweet vanilla fragrance wafted out! My boiboi was hanging around me whilst I went through the photography asking me all sorts of questions like where did I get these popcorn yada yada but of course it ultimately arrived at "Can I try some, please?" hahaha...

Chef Tony's Vanilla Flavour Popcorn

Check out the size...


Poor fler... the things the mummy asked him to do just for some popcorn :p

popcorn yummm

The moment I pop one of Chef Tony's popcorn into my mouth, I'm totally amazed! The TEXTURE is completely unexpected! It's not crispy like those caramel ones. This is more cake-like and puffy or should I say fluffy... seriously I'm lost for words to describe them but they're of the good kind. They kinda like melt in the mouth! You guys really have to try them to experience it.

Taste wise, the vanilla flavouring is nice but a tad too sweet. It gotten very cloying as I continue but then again I do not have super sweet tooth. If not of this, I think it can be really addictive and an easy feat to finish one tub in one sitting.

Since I can't finish, I put the lid on and the sturdy tub was air tight as the popcorn remained as it is even after a week. Yeah, I tested the tub cos S told me it's air tight and he recycled the tubs to store stuff in his kitchen.

Anyway, not only the texture and flavours were amazing BUT just to warn you, these popcorn came in multitude of sweet and savoury (yes, you did not read me wrong... SAVOURY not just salted) flavours ranging from Parmesan (psstt S, can I try this next? kekeke), Almond Mochaccino, Cinnamon, White Chocolate Walnut, Dark Chocolate Almond, Country White Cheddar and the list goes on. There are limited edition flavours from time to time like Belgian chocolate too! Pssttt there's even porky goodness in popcorn in Canadian Bacon & Cheddar flavour!

Well we'll have to be very patient as market research is still on at the moment and I will be hearing from S when Chef Tony's popcorn will be made available in Kuala Lumpur. I really hope it's going to be soon!

Their URL is still under construction but in the meantime check their blog in multiply -


  1. Just bring it in!!! I'm gonna wallop all those in no time!!! Never mind my expanding waistline...

  2. leo & BBO, this one really good!!! no kidding!

  3. As if Bacon flavour would make it to Malaysia. But I secretly hope they would :)

  4. Cakelike and fluffy? Melt in the mouth popcorn? wow...I'm on! Must try.

  5. Your son in the background "tak de" gigi, so cute.

    Melt in the mouth. "Datuk" should have bought a carton back!

  6. If the pricing is good , like say slightly more expensive than the high end cinema ones , then surely can. Good packaging sells but it won't be cheap ! one is now also known as thebaDderMan haha

  7. qwazymonkey, keep your fingers crossed!!!

    LL, will let you know when they'll come in.

    Wilson, "Datuk" din go Manila ler, next time he go i ask him bring back one carton, save one for you :p

    BSG, yeah dats what I thot too

  8. This sounds very dangerous! If they bring it in, i just know I won't be able to stop eating it! Sei lor!

  9. wmw hahaha dats all u saw???

    paprika, the savoury ones will kill our waist!

  10. i uber love Chef Tony's :) my faves are Dark Choco with Almond, Roasted Almond Mochaccino and the Light flavor (i think this one's not available anymore.. awww!)..

    addicting popcorn!!! i only eat this and Holy Kettle Corn since I don't like the microwavable ones.

  11. Hi, what happened to your friends plan to bring it in??? Where can i buy them and how much!??!! I want ittttt


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